If you are hesitant to watch "The Great Wall"

Adelbert 2022-04-22 07:01:20

Today, Laomouzi's "The Great Wall" premiered, and went to pay his respects - the tickets were bought late, so I could only sit in the third row and look up: Matt Damon, a medieval European mercenary, was forced to make a living because of poverty. He touched the land of China, intending to steal some black powder and sell it back to Europe. However, at the pass of the Great Wall, Jing Tian, ​​the commander of the picturesque crane army in blue armor and blue armor, tied him for a long time and shouted and killed him. I bumped into the once-in-a-60-year-old gluttonous siege. I originally wanted to join my friends to steal the black powder and escape while the gluttonous beasts attacked the city. Pick up a broken bow and incarnate as "Red Arrow", wherever you disagree. Several generals of the super weak chicken (Zhang Hanyu, Huang Xuan, Lin Gengxin, Peng Yuyan) died one after another, the little coward Luhan summoned the courage to sacrifice himself (death is worth fifty cents), and the military advisor Andy Lau sacrificed again. : The most romantic thing in the world is that Jing Tian swings around you on a swing, you just shoot, BOSS. I won't spoil the rest, so as not to affect everyone's viewing, Laomouzi's production must be a high-quality product, the scenes are magnificent and full of colors, the props are of high quality, the plot and the picture are properly integrated, and the cute struggle changes are first promoted and then later. The logic is clear and advanced, and the little humor in the dialogue is really interesting. There are only three points to look at my humble plan: 1. The commander of the five-color army defending the city is too weak. Maybe the length of the movie is limited. Except for assisting and making things difficult for Daemon, they don't see what they rely on to be the leader of this army. Will, how many fans? ;2. What the hell is the He Jun female soldier standing at the city head while playing bungee jumping and smashing small gluttonous gluttons, this type of arms is all girls' meaning: did they know that they could not kill any gluttonous food by jumping, just because of the flesh of the girls more tender? Such a cruel and inhumane setting, I can only understand it this way: He Jun's attack method flipping and jumping is very visual, and it is also closely related to the subsequent BOSS plot, and it can also pay tribute to the three-dimensional mobile device in "Attack on Titan"; 3. I always feel that the final boss is actually the group of Khitan bandits. The gluttonous army like a locust swarm attacked the Great Wall from the periphery of the pass. The five-color forbidden army relies on the high wall and thick walls. The outside bandits came out to loot after Taotie rushed through the Great Wall, and I started to think that Taotie was raised by them. Later, these gangsters tied the green goblin to play bonfire football and blew themselves into the sky. The gluttonous ones dislike them for being too stupid, and they are afraid of what they will eat. By Hollywood standards, this may only be a qualified commercial blockbuster, but as the first Chinese fantasy blockbuster (don't mention "Monster Hunt" to me, it was watched by infants and young children), it is indeed a milestone, and I am most impressed The clip is after Zhang Hanyu was attacked in the middle of the night: the long white stripes on the buns of all the imperial guards on the Great Wall swayed in the wind, countless pale Kongming lanterns were lit together, the candles danced and the white lanterns flew up, and those white lanterns merged into the Great Wall under the stars, Wang Leehom With the blessing of Wang Changling's poem "Out of the Forbidden City", his singing voice is deafening, it's you, and you want to die like this! Carrying Wang Changling's poems, watching Zhang Yimou's movies, and listening to Wang Leehom's songs, this is very Fang Wenshan, after all, "talking about love and hate, you can't scribble", if you like her, take her to see "The Great Wall", the best popcorn of the year ,you deserve to have! ———Half sleepy light tomb rust

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The Great Wall quotes

  • William: The last time I saw you, you left me for dead.

    Tovar: The time before that I saved your life!

  • Commander Lin Mae: [about William] Men like him have many things they can teach us.

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