beautiful city

Nikolas 2022-04-23 07:02:28

Sorrentino said that he wanted to make a movie about nothingness, so he had a beautiful city; as mentioned many times in the movie, Flaubert wanted to write a book about nothingness when he was alive. The Beautiful City doesn't seem to say anything, but it's not so obscure and difficult to understand. The way the movie presents is different from that of traditional dramas. He is fragmented, focusing on characters rather than plots, and the plot is in the fragments. Self-sufficient; such as the Splashed Ink Painting of the Gifted Little Girl.

Elegance is difficult to describe in words, but the city of beauty is aesthetics itself. It tells you the meaning of aesthetics, what beauty means to everyone, how to find beauty, and if you look for beauty, you can't find beauty. Similar to this, the origin of beauty What is it, what is the disappearance of beauty, it is all there in the film.

Looking at classical art is not elegant in itself; but a crippled middle-aged man who holds the keys to all the palace gates visits the palace at night with an elderly reporter who cannot write and a late stripper, and inside the palace Is it elegant to meet princesses who have passed away in the same age and play mahjong? The Countess and Coronas were asked to dine with Sister Maria, pretending to be the feuding Countess of Old Khaki; when they returned home, the Countess went up to the exhibition hall on the second floor in order to escape the shame, and as she walked through the rows of exhibits, took He picked up the coin-operated phone and listened to the radio introducing himself: Princess Antonita gave birth to her only daughter, Elisabetta Corona of Port Reggio; then the princess died, and little Elisabetta was among the piles of There was a carefree childhood in the room, but it didn't take long for Prince Eminio to suffer a financial crisis and had to sell the family property... For Countess Corona, she needed the goodness of the family and let it go Live by himself; as for Jabil, beauty is the flesh of first love under the lighthouse; other than that, he finds nothing more beautiful.

Although the presentation of the film is limited, it is very difficult to present the film like this.

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  • Shanna 2022-03-21 09:02:06

    The whole movie is like a beautiful prose, although it is obscure and difficult to understand, it can attract people to watch it.

  • Tara 2022-03-29 09:01:03

    All the captivating shots and ironic soundtrack just lure you to the end of the movie. The boring dialogue and inexplicable plot are just to create a mood. At first, the urge to fast-forward continued, and then I became depressed. In the end, the director just wanted you to sit down quietly and face the hypocrisy of the world at your fingertips without distractions. →20.9.7 Two brushes.

The Great Beauty quotes

  • Dadina: How's the soup, Little Jep?

    Jep Gambardella: The soup's good. Why did you call me Little Jep? No one's called me that for centuries.

    Dadina: Because a friend, every now and again, needs to make their friend feel like they did as a child.

  • Santa: Why did you never write another book?

    Jep Gambardella: I was looking for the great beauty, but, I didn't find it.