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  • Me Before You Me Before You

    Nikolas 2022-12-28 01:32:08

    I can admit I've lost too much, but I can't lower myself

    I like the hero's own aura, and the whole process is not silly and sweet.
    It feels like, the male god you have been secretly in love with can be admitted to Tsinghua University and Peking University, but accidentally loses the diarrhea exam and went to Hebei University with you, he will never look at you as a student and think, "This girl also has some advantages. ", but working hard to get back to his peak. He deserves it, doesn't he?
    Although the two were very pure and beautiful...

  • Judy Judy

    Nikolas 2022-12-23 08:36:08

    We promise.


    In fact, it is quite similar to "Rocketman". Elton and Judy are both love-deficient people. Even when they are old, they are like children. One is harmed by family environment, sexual discrimination and goddamn agents, and the other is made by Hollywood stars. , consumerism and the damned LB, the difference is that Elton and her husband are still living happily, but Judy has long since died of a drug overdose at the age of 47.

  • Hachi-ko Hachi-ko

    Nikolas 2022-12-23 06:30:21

    Write to Xiaoba

    About 16 years ago, I watched the American version of "The Story of the Loyal Dog Hachiko". I remember that it made me cry a lot at that time. The American version is more about warmth, and there is still someone to accompany after the owner is gone. The Japanese version is closer to reality.

    Xiao Ba, who was born in blizzard weather, is destined to experience ups and downs in his life. I hate teaching my daughter very much, just like many people in...

  • Sherlock Jr. Sherlock Jr.

    Nikolas 2022-12-19 15:20:16

    I'm in love with Keaton! ! !

    Can't stop laughing hahaha.

    I feel that Keaton is different from Chaplin. Chaplin's mustache covered his face, so he couldn't see the facial expressions clearly. He mainly expressed the feeling of comedy through actions; Keaton could see the facial expressions clearly, most Time seems to have a straight face and can actually see some emotions, because the bottom of the facial expression is expressionless, so many subtle expressions are very obvious, and...

  • Love and Monsters Love and Monsters

    Nikolas 2022-12-14 05:39:48

    Little fantasy under the apocalypse, what did you see?

    The subject matter is good, and the sense of immersion is also very good. It is not the annoying and outrageous thing that some people say.

    From the end of the day, until the surface was controlled by monsters, humans lived under the bunker and dared not face the outside world.

    The plot starts from love. The protagonist goes to find his girlfriend who has been separated for seven years because of the doomsday. After experiencing many...

  • One Piece One Piece

    Nikolas 2022-12-12 17:09:14

    Death of Ace

    Ace, you promised me I wouldn't die. Luffy was hoarse, and his cry echoed in the open air. "Is it really good for me to be born?" Ace is recalling every bit, everyone's smiling faces, Luffy's childhood crying, those words that directly hit the soft heart: "I'm your brother", " Let's save Ace together and settle the navy" "I told you to go"...

      The fire of life is extinguished point by point. "Luffy, you tell me what I said next... I will tell you later... Dad! Everyone! Also,...

  • The Morning Show The Morning Show

    Nikolas 2022-12-10 12:43:33

    post-view record

    I haven't finished it yet, and now I see the sixth episode, and some thoughts I want to record.

    【Episode 6】

    ①As a seasoned streamer with 15 years of work experience, how could he be unable to control his emotions during a 5-minute live broadcast due to personal affairs? ? ? This is simply a dog-blooded screenwriter. Those who can sit in the top 1 anchor position in the country must have sufficient professional qualities. I can't accept that Alex, who has 15 years of work...

  • Submergence Submergence

    Nikolas 2022-11-29 16:18:03

    Ordinary is the greatest happiness

    It should be said that this film is a bit strange. The two were inexplicably attracted to fall in love, and they separated and lost contact. Finally, the male lead died, but because it is a romance novel adaptation, what can I say.... 5 stars, I like the main hero and heroine so much , The acting, temperament and aura are very natural, plus the issue of war, there are really poor and chaotic countries in the world like Arabia and Afghanistan, where Islam is poor and chaotic. If you feel that...

  • To Rome with Love To Rome with Love

    Nikolas 2022-11-25 12:07:10

    still babbling

    Woody Allen's films are still rambles about what he thinks of himself, whether it's what he thinks is right to sing in the shower, or the idiot he said at the end.

    The tones are warm and strong, very similar to Paris at midnight. Someone said that people are old and need this warm color as beautiful as dusk to maintain a sense of psychological security. Personally, I prefer Woody Allen's physical aging. Feeling sluggish.

    Woody Allen is still very venomous in the film, and...

  • Mother! Mother!

    Nikolas 2022-11-23 12:41:53

    A great skewer of myths and history, great reincarnation.

    This film does not need to think about metaphors, just know the myths, legends and history. The heroine is Gaia, the mother of the earth in Greek legends, and her husband is God Jehovah, or Uranus, the amorous and versatile god of the sky, and a tenant named Adam came. , his second rib fell off and became his daughter-in-law Eve. The eldest son Cain killed his younger brother Abel, the great flood wiped out the world, and the Virgin gave birth to Jesus. People worshiped Jesus...

  • The Young Pope The Young Pope

    Nikolas 2022-11-18 03:42:45

    Picture, soundtrack, actors, plot, I love them all

    Compared with Westworld, I love the young Pope more, from the picture to the soundtrack to the actors to the plot. Personally, I like this kind of full color, and I feel that every frame can be poked into an oil painting. The soundtrack is actually quite modern. It seems to contradict the serious religious court drama, but the dynamic rhythm and the light comedy-style plot are just right. I think of the soundtrack in The Last Emperor, which is also a big love. I have to say that the...

  • The Island The Island

    Nikolas 2022-11-12 08:47:48

    Old and historic Valamu monastic community

    It is an ancient and historic Valamu monastic community on an island on Lake Ladoga on the border between Finland and Russia. The film's priest, who had the privilege of joining the group in the last century, became its leader during World War II, when Varam was still outside the borders of the Soviet Union. Living in the great monastery of Varamu, the priest must feel himself the heir to a rich and ancient tradition that goes back many centuries. When he first joined the community, the Varam...

  • The First Time The First Time

    Nikolas 2022-11-08 21:27:12

    the first time

    I can't think of a better title. The movie's name is as clear and simple as the plot itself. Teenagers and girls met in their best years and fell in love. It is the home, culture, and environmental details of American movies that touched me and made me feel about my youthful age.
    Like girls. She brings a lot of high-quality music, just like many women, delicate, introverted and deep-minded. The two songs she brought are great, but unfortunately the ratings are sluggish, and even the...

  • True Detective True Detective

    Nikolas 2022-11-08 10:13:52

    The Light is Winning

    Time is a flat Circle

    I want to go back to that boring summer in Louisiana in 2012 to see Rust's path to becoming a "god".

    True Detective is a realistic crime drama from the beginning to the end. You might say, I’ve...

  • Mrs. Fletcher Mrs. Fletcher

    Nikolas 2022-11-03 22:14:29

    I really follow her heartbeat

    Although I have not yet reached the age of the heroine, I can feel the entangled mentality changes and struggles in the process of these experiences. As the plot advances, I am more and more fascinated by this affectionate little fresh meat. It's season, I really like the plot of the two of them slowly approaching. The atmosphere of these subtle and innocent pornographic scenes is hard to describe. Recently I watched a lot of good dramas, but this feeling of touching my heart is lasting and...

  • Nikolas 2023-06-01 23:16:48

    If it wasn't for the boss sitting next to him and explaining it from time to time, I really don't know that there are so many management ideas behind the war blockbuster. I find that everyone around the company can be found in the characters in the film, which is amazing.

  • Nikolas 2023-06-01 22:50:29

    In general, it's still good, and I'm ranked first among the domestic films released this year. Directed by Wu Ershan, like his first film "Swordsman Smile", it has a relatively strong sense of picture, and the special effects in the water are very good! Zhou Xun and Zhao Wei did a good job, but Fei Xiang didn't notice it. The wolf tribe has a very obvious shadow of the cottage game Warcraft orc. The 3d effect is average, but Huayi Brothers' title is good in 3d. worth seeing

  • Nikolas 2023-05-24 05:47:52

    Although it's a bit dark, it's beautiful in all aspects, casting, photography, music, production, Annie is a child who lives in her own dreams, she translates dreams into words, so she talks, but she doesn't hate it, but she's cute when she's used to it . Very much looking forward to the second season.

  • Nikolas 2023-05-04 17:25:42

    #S1# There is a good shirt, at the right and wrong time, you can become a superman...or a supergirl.

  • Nikolas 2023-04-19 09:18:32

    JIM fell off the cliff holding the iron aisle and I always thought that death was coming.

  • Nikolas 2023-04-16 02:37:43

    The live-action version of Shaun the Sheep Farm, hahaha, everything comes from the complaints of the neighbors. It can be seen that criticism is the biggest driving force for progress. To build a small environment that maintains an ecological balance with nature requires patience, strong resistance to loss, and a dog who can only protect chickens. Such a farm is really enviable. China? The land is collectively owned, who would bother. 8

  • Nikolas 2023-04-15 17:54:28

    It's so easy to pick up girls, there won't be so many single dogs. Jude Law starred in the 2004 remake. The two also collaborated on the remake of the footsteps starring Kane in 1972.

  • Nikolas 2023-04-14 22:39:42

    If Hillary came to power, it could only be a historical movie. But the reality is that Trump is in office, and this should be the movie of the future.

  • Nikolas 2023-04-13 07:50:39

    Ahhh so beautiful! The first story has a very retro texture, but the special effects and scenery are realistic, and the mold is weird, hahahahahaha, what a wonderful concept! Second story, amazing! ! ! Simple and rude without procrastination is simply better than the movie! Most importantly, there are Easter eggs! The first story featured Tobin Bell, the old jigsaw! The second story, the doll of Annabelle is hanging in the dollhouse store! My horse duck! thats just splendid!

  • Nikolas 2023-04-09 20:29:44

    Why do I feel so boring, Huang Bao is Huang Bao, but because Huang Bao is so unimaginative, thin, and templated, it is just a shield for mediocrity.

  • Nikolas 2023-04-06 12:43:56

    Junk subtitles, completely copied from Google Translate

  • Nikolas 2023-04-02 02:10:06

    I regret watching this movie, it's so boring.

  • Nikolas 2023-03-27 04:18:11

    It's nice to get rid of the song and dance scene that I skip every time.

  • Nikolas 2023-03-21 19:52:09

    Still Hollywood. In particular, I like to film the protagonist from beginning to end after spending all his money, and then slowly swinging out of the hotel room after becoming a pauper. There is a meaning in it.

  • Nikolas 2023-03-13 19:51:47

    The old lady suffered a lot. Does the film demonize some kind of hymer's disease too much?