Where is "invulnerable"?

Ena 2022-10-03 03:59:14

It would be wonderful if the investigation continued like this and finally succeeded in crushing the villain; but after working hard, but being crushed and killed, it was light and sudden, as if all the previous foreplay was for the climax of this moment, or It's a stroke of genius to push the boat with the flow of an impromptu intention and to make a plan at the same time! If it had been planned long ago, and anticipating that the professor would help him with the grueling horror work, I felt a bit overestimated at the villain's psychological manipulation, and the plot was too hidden to leave no trace. The only sure thing is that all this was planned in advance, that is, the lie told by the policewoman who was interviewed afterward, and the policewoman was one of his students (a little villain who appeared very suddenly). Ah? He is Shawshank! If there is a strong connection between the front and back like this, it can only be said that the director has not considered Shawshank, and what will he think? So which one is "invulnerable"?

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