Everything you love has a reason. - Suo Xiang

Erich 2022-09-17 16:52:32

I thought that all love, there must be a reason.

If there is no reason for love, how can it go through the wasting of time but it will last forever.

I never feel that my liking is superficial and superficial. On the contrary, the people I like must have a certain aspect that is enough to attract me and allow me, who has always been stingy to send 'like cards', to admit the existence.

At first, I didn't like Suo Xiang, but I just had a wishful attachment to the Sanji Shi who had never met in the same month and the same day. Then I chased after the OP with the fastest speed, and suddenly found that the bond between Zoro and Sanji was so profound on a day that I can't remember at all. Remember when someone said that Sauron and Sanji are like alcohol and nicotine. Both are things that are easy to indulge in. The former is strong and the latter is blurry. Friends and brothers!

I like this kind of Suo Xiang, awkward and powerful. They trust each other but quarrel endlessly. So full of vitality and vision for the infinite possibilities of the future.

There is provocation. Caring.

There is anger. There is reassurance.

Sometimes I'm so grateful to Oda for creating two characters that complement each other so perfectly, a strong and perfect existence without sadness, cowardice, humility, rudeness and wanton violence.

I don't have any extravagance for such a Suo Xiang, even if the OP ends after many years, I think, I have no regrets.

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