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In 1997, with the serialization of Japanese cartoonist Eiichiro Oda on Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Junp, the nautical adventure story of 17-year-old Monkey D Luffy also kicked off.

In this era of great voyages, which has been completely suspended, because of the words of the pirate king Gol D. Roger about the great treasure "One Piece" before his execution, countless pirates' expeditions were started. On October 20, 1999, the waving pirate flag appeared on Fuji TV for the first time. This boy who turned into a rubber man after eating a devil fruit by mistake, wearing a straw hat, thin but smiling, was carrying his great Dreams and fetters, a person starts from a small boat, drifts on the blue sea, and begins to search for his own companions and treasures.

To this day, Luffy is still going on his adventures, and Oda is still continuing to create. Compared with many other artists who have assistants when they serialize comics, this cartoonist, who has the same dream of sailing as Luffy, wants to do everything he can. Can not let the children down, with his own strength, he has taken over almost all the painting, plot creation and the processing of the dynamic part of the animation for 20 years.

Oda used his powerful imagination and delicate and mature character depiction ability to present a complete and grand world view, and some people even gave it the praise and high praise of "epic". It can be said that in the comics of "One Piece", the story is no longer the pure passion and growth of teenagers, but a combination of various rich world cultural elements, the mapping of social reality, the insight of human nature, and the "Straw Hat Crew". "The mission of "liberation" given to the Pirates .

"Savior" Usopp

Since most animations are considered to be for children, both comics and animations are easy to fall into the shackles of stereotyped characters and plots, but Kishimoto is obviously not willing to only give children a sailing dream , He used all his efforts to portray the characters, so that when countless children grow up, they can truly understand the hidden meaning and moving, and leave sincere tears.

The extreme maturity of the Japanese manga field has been seen by all over the world in the past few decades. China is also a strong supporter and exporter of Japanese manga and animation. This success is not only due to the maturity of the business, but also because of these cartoonists. The ingenuity and precise control of the characters drawn.

In the story of "One Piece", everything is not that simple. The only thing that people can understand is probably Luffy. It is because of this simplicity that his emotions, moods, attitudes and goals are as decisive, firm and blatant as his character, which makes him especially lovely.

For others, just picking out any one story line may require people to accumulate experience to fully understand and deeply appreciate it, whether lonely or tragic, those delicate and profound feelings are all accompanied by a character. The memories of the characters are laid out, allowing us to go deep into the inner world of the characters and feel the same pain as them.

I mentioned in the article "Greek Mythology that Constitutes the Origin of European and American Literature" that the origin of European and American literature Ancient Greek mythology takes "destiny" as the eternal theme, highlighting the natural and social laws brought about by the fate of man and god The insignificance and unshakable helplessness in front of him. But in Japan, where hot-blooded comics are prevalent, people often use the protagonist to break all barriers imposed by "fate", and use their own will and dreams to complete their own chapters .

This kind of self-will is vividly reflected in "One Piece". It uses the protagonist Luffy as a ship carrying dreams, breaking the rules and obstacles of the world again and again, challenging the divine power with an unyielding spirit, and using the fetters and persistence among partners. Giving people strong motivation is a very ideal state, and it is difficult for us to find such a state of life in reality.

But it is precisely because of this that it draws such a utopia in the form of comics, pinning its ideals on the character Luffy, and carrying these sails.

It's just that Oda is not willing to let his dream be so thin. In the "Great Voyage Age", there are historical blanks that have been erased, Mary Joa, who holds the power in her hands and decays, there is a naval government that satirizes the name of "justice", and the tragic death of heroes, which is forged by pain. The seemingly happy town has betrayal and waiting, sacrifice and loneliness...

At the most interesting time, Oda's arrogant power system satirized in "One Piece" was often dealt with in an understatement but comical, while the naval government, which represented justice and tried to save the people from the pirates, used a The Great War and the fact that they tried to obliterate people and evidence against them in the name of justice, wiped out the "justice" it represented. Whether a person is right or wrong is not determined by our power, status and identity. More real good and evil and human nature often have to return to each person in the end . This is also hidden in "One Piece" , but to convey the truth to everyone.

Whether it is a light-hearted innuendo or a cruel explicit, it makes this adventure story more treacherous and complicated, and it also has a more realistic meaning with reference to life.

Brooke speaks of the ultimate loneliness of life, and Doflamingo shows us the ultimate direction of sin.

During the journey of "The Straw Hats", I encountered vivid characters and rich adventures, and what shocked me the most was Oda's detailed description of "loneliness" in "One Piece".

Many literary works have the theme of "loneliness", and the loneliness represented by "One Hundred Years of Solitude" is even more deeply rooted. However, I saw no less mournful feeling in Brooke.

A man who came back from the dead, in the dark fog, on the old and outdated pirate ship, picked up the bones of his former companions one by one, and listened to the last songs of his companions after the battle countless times, but he even cherished the memory. And silence seems so powerless.

For a person, the most extreme loneliness in life is naturally the loss of all the good and happiness he once had, wandering at the gate of hell to enjoy the torment of immortality and the loneliness of being alone, Brook who ate the fruit of Huangquan was in the dark and dense fog He has wandered in the sea for fifty years, and in these fifty years, he could only talk to himself every day and every night, and the memories of the past could only deepen his loneliness and pain.

And Oda used a cheerful pirate song "Binks' Wine" throughout Brooke's entire life. This song not only represents the friendship and joy of the partners who once sailed together, but also represents the partners falling one by one. The pain of death and death not only represented Brooke's deep nostalgia for the past, but also supported him through the long fifty years in loneliness, ushering in new partners and new adventures. This is a method of handling that is not inferior to literary works, and it does not become cliché because of sensationalism. On the contrary, through the depiction of many details and the expression of emotional tension, people can empathize with Brooke's pain.

The same meticulous and rich depictions are also vividly displayed in other chapters and other characters.

In the chapter of Doflamingo's reign in Dressrosa, Oda first used a father-daughter relationship to pull the darkness under the warm town out of the water, and then pulled Doflamingo's younger brother and young Trafa out of the water. Erga Luo's touching bond is very emotionally depicted, and the brilliance of kindness and humanity is vividly portrayed. Immediately afterwards, the past of the villain, Flamenco, was involved, allowing people to see the pain that such a proud and ruthless man suffered as a child and the sins he inevitably formed, and finally sent this sin through Luffy. into a prison.

This form of painting that enriches the past of the characters makes the characters in an animation no longer thin, but three-dimensional and full of life, as if they are real, and everyone has the process of birth and growth, and it is through this The characterization of the origin and process makes the characters come alive.

The public account "People" published an article "Harry Potter, a somewhat disturbing 40th birthday" on August 7. When talking about the meaning of "Harry Potter", the article is like this written:

The director of children's books at Bloomsbury, which publishes "Harry Potter", said that "Harry Potter" overturned many rules of children's books, such as it must not be too long, and the characters should remain about the same age throughout the series. This is the biggest difference between "Harry Potter" and other children's literature: it really accompanies readers to grow up. - Weng Jiayan

For "One Piece", its meaning is also the same. When an animation is no longer colored, smiles and light, but brings the darkness and injustice in reality into animation, its audience is obviously no longer children. A long animation time, accompanied these children to grow up.

The kind-hearted pirates headed by Luffy used their special way of doing things to give children a beautiful world in fantasy, and under this world, there are undercurrents that give the meaning of life to adults. Oda used a long adventure story to bring children's yearning for the pirate world and the establishment of positive values, and then used this super long time of more than 20 years to teach the former group of children the meaning and meaning of life. The pursuit of ideals and dreams keeps us growing up full of passion and yearning for the future and a free soul.

When I watched "Pirates", I felt that I was still a teenager, and I learned life lessons that I didn't have in reality through excitement and emotion.

Many people who like to watch "One Piece" and other hot-blooded youth comics will have such an expectation:

When I have a child in the future, I will watch it with my child.

Those who accompany us to grow up in childhood, we also want them to accompany our children to grow up. In this way, the spirit is passed on, and a comic has an immortal place to live.

But when these people become adults and step into society, facing some cold reality, complex interpersonal relationships, and the pressure, embarrassment and chaos of life, this comic can re-open and bring tears to our eyes. It reminds us that we are all teenagers all our lives. We yearn for the bond of friendship, the success that can be achieved through hard work and struggle, and those kind and beautiful things, which have long been under the brush of someone with the same beautiful spirit, which has made our childhood and future. lifetime.

I hope that everyone is Luffy and can fight the absurdity of this world with simplicity.


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