shocking ending

Oceane 2022-10-28 07:54:13

There are quite a few movies with shocking endings, I am more impressed by "The Shawshank Redemption" and "Ghost Eyes". Such endings make the whole movie look brand new, not just the finishing touch. But none of these endings can compare to The Unassailable.
Before the bomb exploded, I had been watching it as an ordinary suspense movie. Many places reminded people of "Rear Window" and felt nothing new. I always thought, why didn't these ruthless terrorists kill the protagonist as soon as possible, It's nothing more than listening to the director's entrustment to let him play a personal heroism. It's nothing more than a movie worth 3 stars.
However, with the explosion, those seemingly redundant foreshadowings suddenly burst out, making it amazing that the plot arrangement is fully integrated without leaving any traces. However, these foreshadowings came to my mind later, because at that moment my mind was almost blank, not because of some traditional values ​​of invincible evil, but because of the belief in truth. What is true? Probably only those who started it knew about it. "As soon as human beings think, God laughs." This feeling of powerlessness and despair makes people sad and unable to reply for a long time.

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