This is not an IQ test, at least it's a face-blind test sticker.

Clifton 2022-10-08 12:12:53

The film is really good, the logic is also very strict, please those who say that this is a bad injury, please take out your eyeballs and wash it, and the face blind certificate is so drunk, don't make trouble and touch it, as for those bullshit West, political background, etc., we can properly identify

the IQ It's the screenwriter who cheated the audience together.

Now let me ask a question, you big blind people, how many people are there in this group of bad neighbors, what role did they play in the previous plot, and the case of the electrical engineer who died before, do you think he is a passerby plot

? Let's get down to business now. The whole story is that a gang of bombers wanted to retaliate against the government to retaliate against society, and then wanted to continue this promising career, so they had to find a scapegoat to take the blame.

So those trolls here say that you are so powerful and you still make such a big turn, why don't you go on your own? It's nothing if you go on your own. Then, there is no such thing. The state violence agency is just stupid, not nothing.

Then the group chose pig's feet, and the middle thing was not mentioned. Although they only had two months to find the target of pig's feet, pig's feet mentioned that the neighbor had moved here for two months, but they didn't know each other. But the group has been operating in the area for a long time.

Why, the previous case where the electrical engineer blew up the federal government building happened in St. Louis, you don't know where it is, this is where the BGI where Pig's Knuckles work is located. The drawing of the arch pasted at the villain's house is the symbol of St. Louis.

The second detail of this case is that the engineer's work experience in the juvenile search team. Well, the face-blind identification begins. This living villain has One is the undercover in the juvenile search team, haha, which is this, the captain who took the children to say the oath when the children took the oath together at the beginning, a half-bald man, this person also appeared in the pig's foot track When I arrived at the parking lot, I was standing in the trunk of the van, with a close-up.

An important point here is that it can be inferred that this group of people actually used this hand to put the blame on the engineer and then the real murderer of the previous case.
This is an important setting. These people have done it before, they have done it now, and they will continue to do it in the future.

Well, let's talk about the case in the current story. The bad neighbor is going to take the pig's feet into the pit step by step.

First of all, don’t say much about the contact process. I said that the child’s injury at the beginning was just to reflect the suspenseful and bloody atmosphere. Can’t it be okay? Pig’s feet died of his wife, and the estrangement between father and son naturally didn’t have so much interest in dealing with the neighbors, but he didn’t also start He has a new life, and it is only a matter of time before he has to contact the neighbor who lives across from him.

Then the drawing is, haha, this is the first bait to lure him, including the letter from the university, what other identities, we think it's the pig's feet controlling the scene, in fact, everything is arranged by the bad guys of.

At first I thought it was such a coincidence that the kid with pig’s feet went to the training camp where the electrical engineer also stayed before. Mmmm, this place was introduced to the protagonist by the bad guy neighbor, and there are people from him in this training camp. .

Later, when Pig Feet found out about this, he ran over, and the people there said that a captain took the two children away, it was this half-bald guy, and it was not his neighbor who took the children away.

In a place that I thought was a bug at first, Pig's Knuckle went back to find his neighbors to ask for someone, and the group of people had a party, but they really drove the express car that committed the crime. It turned out that this was originally to attract Pig's Knuckle to see Yes, pay attention, those people in the party are all there, what are some of them, the guy in red overalls who found Pig's Knuckle's girlfriend at the beginning, and the one who Pig's Knuckle saw in the parking lot later brought a yellow box in at the beginning The bald head, this bald head is also the guy who got the phone box outside the door of the pig's foot to monitor the pig's foot and the fbi

The second thing that I think is a bug, oh, when the bad guy pulled the pig's feet out of the car and pulled it into the warehouse and got beaten up, I thought, oh, the criminal with high IQ, the force value is not as good as that of a university professor, but it's not right Ah, this university professor is not a power type either, oh well, forget it. Haha, after thinking about it for a long time, I realized that this joke, one is to unpack the car, or unpack the person, and the second is to stuff the real guy into the pig's foot car.
This is still in line with the previous plot. The screenwriter makes the audience feel that it is clear to the audience. In fact, bullshit, a clever criminal is, you can find me, you can catch me, you can still beat me, why, I will.

The third place that I thought was a bug at first was the pig's feet's son who didn't cry or make a fuss when he appeared in the trunk. In fact, the person who drove the car to accompany the child was the half-bald captain. In the end, when he dropped the child off the car to meet the villain's wife and the child, he also got off, so the child never knew what was going on.

As for the final climax, the first point is that the child is the key to attracting the pig's feet to chase. The trolls asked why the pig's feet would definitely chase the car. Please, is his child on the top? As for why they were able to break into the scenic spot, that's why they were looking for the pig's feet. Didn't they see that his wife's ex-partner kept asking others not to shoot, to block those security guards, so he could enter, and He kept saying that his son was in the car, and his black fbi friend still had to protect him at this time.

One more detail, the relationship between the villain's family, as for some people saying that in order to make such a thing, it is unscientific to injure their own children's hands, blind their own children, blind couples, look at the last child of pig's feet, who was killed by relatives Picked up, what relatives, just this group of people, it is entirely possible that these children are also halfway through their hands.

As for the female student who broke the news at the end, haha, I also said that there was a scene of a female bandit before. It turned out to be a person. I turned it back and looked at the scene of the second class. After turning on the lights, there was really a scene. The camera can see this golden-haired female bandit wearing a green coat listening to the class there.

So forget those who say it's a coincidence. This plan has been planned for a long time. By the time our story begins, the pig's feet are actually dead. It's just that the fbi in this film is as good as ever, which is very reassuring.

The only small question is the death of the pig's foot wife. I carefully looked at the time on the tombstone in 1996. It should be that year, and there are many doubts about the case. There is a problem with the intelligence. All guns are registered weapons, legally possessed, others still keep them in their homes. In one, on the day he went, everyone else was there, but the man who caused the trouble was not at home, and the father also told these women and children that if anyone else came to grab it, just shoot. . . . . . This is too unreasonable.

Why does it remind me of what it should be? Just when Pig's Knuckle asked the black man to investigate the identity of the neighbor, the black man also said that there is no problem, the name was changed through legal procedures. This feeling is also very similar to that shooting case,

so designed so that this group of people started calculating from the pig's feet and his wife, it would be really dark. Coincidentally, the four detectives went, and it was the woman in the back who died.

Haha actually a good movie, it's fun, and it's worth studying. It's just that those who don't watch carefully and have confused logic, or simply The people who are blind and blind should not come out to join in the fun.

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