It's not fun

Whitney 2022-10-02 19:42:59

The professor's intelligence and force are under the opponent's, and there is no strong teammate support. The overall situation is controlled by the opponent's rhythm. Tragedy is inevitable. But if the professor's intelligence and strength are above the opponent's, and he has the support of his powerful teammates, and seizes the opponent's lifeline, then the plot is estimated to have to be reversed.

Sheep and wolves are fighting each other. Only by transforming into a wolf and gathering teammates can you be qualified to fight against the wolves. I thought it was a high-intensity confrontation, but it turned out to be a vegetable abuse game, which was a little less interesting.

The belief that justice will win only exists when the strength exceeds the opponent's strength, or can hit a fatal blow. The professor has no chance in this game.

Ask: How to defeat an enemy whose strength is far greater than one's own?

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  • Oliver Lang: Never wiser than when we're children. They say it and it's true. We'll never see things that clear again.

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