Regrets in the details sometimes make the memory more memorable

Amina 2022-09-04 19:59:49

I watched the first half with Si A, and watched the second half by myself; I thought I could give 3 stars when I watched it, but after the end I thought it was 4 stars. Overall, it was good. I had a few guesses when watching the film:
1. In the woods The hut recalled that the FBI had a conflict with the firearms dealer due to an intelligence error. The ex-wife died. At that time, the ex-wife's FBI partner was also on the scene. So, who provided the wrong information that caused the accident? Is it the partner of the ex-wife? If so, why was the ex-wife's partner orchestrated to cause the accident? Is his ex-wife's partner an insider in the FBI? Could it be that he just wanted to arouse the male protagonist (history teacher) to hate the government? This point was confirmed at the end of the credits. It was my misunderstanding
. 2. The history teacher's new horse, after answering the phone at the phone booth, talked to Mrs. "Freedom No. 1", went shopping and died unexpectedly, how was it unexpected? At that time, I guessed that it was the FBI's inner ghost Zuo Chong. This guess was confirmed to be wrong at the end of the
film. 3. At the beginning of the film, the son of "Freedom No. 1" and the son of the history teacher asked: how to spell "prohibited" when playing the game? Then the camera turned to a card with a word written on it. At that time, I wondered whether the history teacher would accidentally enter the restricted area and be accidentally injured by a bomb made by his son and died. It was confirmed at the end of the film

~~~~~ Overall it is not a good film, but The details are still not perfect, but they are much stronger than Chinese films

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  • Donna 2022-04-24 07:01:14

    The first half dragged on, but the ending was a little unexpected

  • Liana 2022-04-24 07:01:14

    The last minute rescue was very effective, and the hero mode was immediately laughed at. The story is good because it doesn't dig deep into the superstructure of any country or system, and concentrates on suspense.

Arlington Road quotes

  • Oliver Lang: Never wiser than when we're children. They say it and it's true. We'll never see things that clear again.

  • Oliver Lang: [Talking about Grant] If you want to be his father, you will walk to your house, sleep in your bed, teach your classes, and live your life!

    Michael Faraday: What are you doing? How many people are you going to kill?

    Oliver Lang: Well, if I see any strange cars on my street, if you feel compelled to talk to someone, a federal agent perhaps, I imagine we're just going to kill one.