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Dejah 2022-12-31 18:20:18

Compared with the routine plot, the first half was relatively nervous when advancing layer by layer, and then lost interest. The female protagonist (the male protagonist's girlfriend) has a worrying IQ. When she finds out that the neighbor has a problem, she does not tell the male protagonist first, but follows her alone. After she finds out that the big secret has left, she insists on making a phone call at the roadside public phone booth. Kill, but such a plot design seems to be flawed. I feel that the screenwriter and director are just trying to "scare" the audience to attract attention.

Many people say that the first half is boring and the second half exciting, but I think the first part, especially the beginning, is very gripping, from the limping and bleeding child on the road, to the neighbor lying to his university and discovering that the drawings are not right, Then it was discovered that the name was changed, and the male protagonist was almost always discovered when he secretly checked the neighbors' secrets, including when the female protagonist called the male protagonist and saw the neighbor's wife as soon as she turned around. More can not help but a little tired.

In fact, there are some small surprises in the back. When the male protagonist found out that his son was kidnapped, he rented a car to track the terrorists. I also thought that this was another movie that saved the overall situation at the last moment, but in the end, the male protagonist was used as a scapegoat. What a major reversal, I feel that the director still wants to express something through this film. In order to make the public feel safe, the government and security departments have hurriedly convicted a suspected terrorist, but the deep meaning is a little too shallow.

Ps. The hypocrisy of the neighbor and his wife is really disgusting, especially the part where they pretended to comfort the male protagonist after the male protagonist's girlfriend was killed by them. In fact, I still look forward to seeing the two of them. arrest scene.

Pps. The two little Zhengtai are so cute. In the end, the male protagonist's son is also pitiful. He lost his mother and father successively. His father is also considered a terrorist. His life in the future will definitely be very difficult.

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  • Christa 2022-04-23 07:02:41

    The ending is pretty good, at least it makes people feel that the front is chaotic and didn't see it in vain, but if you think about it again, this case can't stand up to scrutiny, which means you're a little bit luckier

  • Randall 2022-04-24 07:01:14

    It's a perverted ending! I'm so desperate, I've been teased for a long time in front of me... I'm a little bored in some places.. After 9/11, the United States must never dare to shoot like this... The movie is really good

Arlington Road quotes

  • Oliver Lang: Never wiser than when we're children. They say it and it's true. We'll never see things that clear again.

  • Oliver Lang: [Talking about Grant] If you want to be his father, you will walk to your house, sleep in your bed, teach your classes, and live your life!

    Michael Faraday: What are you doing? How many people are you going to kill?

    Oliver Lang: Well, if I see any strange cars on my street, if you feel compelled to talk to someone, a federal agent perhaps, I imagine we're just going to kill one.