Feel the warmth even when it's cold

Monty 2022-09-16 10:02:40

After reading it, I feel a little complicated.

Of course most people see the victims, and they suffer in ways that even the most mundane of you and I can imagine, drowning rational fear every time they close their eyes. We are angry at the police who have done wrong and the society with prejudice, but unfortunately this is the complex world of human nature. Even if the suspect is finally arrested, he still cannot let go of this gloom.

And I want to talk more about the female police officers in the show. Maybe because when I graduate, I will often ask myself what I want to do for a living in the future, and what I really want to do to make my life worthwhile. There is no answer so far. But I think, like Detective Duvall's gentle empathy, selfless work, with a single goal: to punish evil and promote good. Then the criminals finally feel comfortable and happy when they are arrested, which is also a kind of sassy and sassy life.

It is understandable that ordinary people want to be egoists. I have lived a narrow life with a selfish outlook on life all my life. Helping others with empathy is a difficult thing for me. Fate is cruel enough to me, how can I still have the energy to care for others. But all my life, I have been accepting the kindness of others, parents, relatives, friends, society, no one should give you anything. But I got a lot, the warmth and kindness shouldn't stay in my heart, maybe I should do something.

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