Casimer 2022-12-17 23:22:35

The rhythm of the story is not strong, the whole tone is very dark and depressing. At first, I watched her being questioned over and over again by different police officers because of this incident, but compared with the latter, I felt that this was not only a serious and careful performance, but an objective action to show my professionalism. A statement made. Moreover, compared with the questioning method of the female police officer behind, this kind of tossing and turning did not take into account the feelings of the client at all, and was indifferent, and even said that it was a bit inhumane. The way police in America handle cases, cooperation and confrontation. "My duty is to protect the public, and you've wasted my time protecting others," he told her. Not being able to empathize should never be a reason for distrust. On the contrary, the two female policemen in the back put themselves in their shoes to think and understand, while reassuring the victim, they persevered in finding the bad guy. The concept she conveyed was, "I will always be by your side, always by your side. Support you, and do these kinds of hard work for you." This is actually something very determined to call strength. The little girl who has experienced these things has become less pure and kind, and it may not be a bad thing to have a vigilance. On the contrary, I have experienced bad things, but I can still "have something to do, love and look forward to". I still cried after watching the last episode, people who have experienced trauma can still believe in truth, goodness and beauty, and those who work hard for these victims, or everyone, should believe that what we do is meaningful, it More or less changing the lives of others.

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