In fact, every woman has been raped by life

Luciano 2022-09-13 06:00:34

The heroine's always cold expression makes me feel particularly touched. In fact, when people are really desperate for life and for everyone around them, they will be in such a state. Many people question this kind of acting skills, it is really because these people are too lucky , The heart is too strong, strong enough to have not experienced the setbacks of life.

2018 was a particularly bad year for me. I experienced a series of bad things, such as poor health, visa refusal, unemployment, and boyfriend cheating. I feel that "being qj" is the most appropriate way to describe my mood at that time. I used to be high-spirited, but when these happened one after another, I realized that I really seemed to be nothing. During the interview, I was questioned about my language skills, my parents stopped me from going abroad like crazy, my colleagues in the company were alienated and indifferent, my boyfriend's righteous words after cheating... I gradually collapsed and disintegrated myself. I started to doubt myself, am I really that poor? Do I really have no interpersonal skills? Should men cheat? After he cheated, we still went to chuang. But in the end, he broke up coldly and violently. I didn't have the courage to pull away, just like the fact that I didn't lie in the play, but I was forced by reality to admit that I was wrong. I was very disappointed and disappointed with everything. This mood lasted for more than a year... I seem to be able to gradually come out of that haze. It's just that some things have also become sacrifices in this process and will never come back.

I was forced to change myself and realized how stupid I was. I don't think I will stick to the fairy tales of dreams anymore. I imagine that everyone is a good person. In the future, I will only become the quiet "dog" among all living beings. No longer screaming at the world, and no longer expecting to be taken home by someone.

The world has a lot of its own rules, and most of us, in fact, are worse than the bald police officer.

It's shameful to say that I still often think about what would happen if I really forgive him, and I still often blame myself, feeling that everything is my own fault, and I'm still constantly being bullied by myself. This state seems to have been going on for a long time, always thinking about being nice, thinking about taking care of other people's needs, and constantly exploiting themselves, maybe most women are like this, but many times they are unable to resist life, passively accept and keep on The inner rationalization, like the heroine in the play, is constantly busy to let life numb itself.

Exactly what is right, I really don't know. But most men in this world are untrustworthy and unreliable, it's true. They are naturally strong, with taller bodies and louder voices, and these advantages will always subtly crush women in their aura. A high-pitched voice is always more convincing. And they have that drive to act even if they're wrong, rather than women who always look ahead and think about other people's feelings. These distinctions permeate the growth process and are constantly strengthened.

Regardless of feminism or not, girls are inherently disadvantaged. Men never need to shout "masculinity" every day, a word that few men use because society seems to acquiesce to such rules.

Many friends around me are married. I can only say that happy women may only account for one-seventh or eighth of them. There are too many temptations in this society. You can choose a husband at will, but you cannot choose a father at will. At least I don't want my children to be born suffering.

Maybe my words are extreme for some people, so lucky you have not experienced too many setbacks in life. When they come to you in one go, I bless you to get out. I will also silently mourn for my life, bury the bodies of the past, delete all, restart my life.

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