It's all because I'm an imperfect victim

Corene 2022-08-19 12:24:06

The plot itself is not complicated and is roughly divided into two lines:

One line: Marie's assault in her own room, the police and the ensuing reactions of those around;

A line: the two policewomen who followed the cases of other women who were violated and carefully examined the cases.

But I think the main focus of the plot should not be the process of catching the prisoner. After all, if the theme is changed to this,

Then this drama should be renamed "Bone and Trace", "The Suspect", "Criminal Minds", "True Detective", etc.

The plot is more concerned with all the reactions after the violation happened.

Victims who have been violated such as Marie, foster mothers who seem to care but don't care, police officers who don't take cases and victims seriously, female police officers who take cases seriously and respect victims, and forensic doctors who respect/disrespect victims people, the general public who do not know the truth on the Internet, etc.

It's really all living beings, laughing and scolding, so lively.

If the culprit wasn't caught in the end, in which to find Marie's picture,

I think Marie is going to be so terrified and terrified all her life, living with all the pain and trauma.

Fortunately, the case can be unraveled.

I think it's unbelievable how the whole Marie police case reacted.

It is true that the police's inaction and inconsideration is a fatal injury.

But what the two adoptive mothers have done is also unbelievable,

Perhaps even more incredible is the worldly prejudice,

Just, just because she's not a perfect victim,

So, so what she did was branded early on.

You, you can only live your life within the scope of the brand.

Even if you are telling the truth, there will be people who will question you.

Because of what you've done before, it's unbelievable.

This is probably the most terrifying thing, the prejudice in people's hearts.

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