The world is wonderful because of Woody Allen

Melyssa 2022-11-08 16:16:25

The wonderfulness of the world may often lie in the birth of some eccentric characters. The reason why we use eccentricity instead of greatness is because we think that great people can sometimes make the world boring. Even like Mao Zedong, it is not only boring, but eccentric people will To make life full of highlights, Woody Allen is one such person.

I don't particularly admire him, and I don't want to watch all his movies, but every time I see his movies, I am amazed and have a very unusual experience. Whether it's the end of the game or this exclusive news, he The lighthearted and humorous, the power of humor is amazing, every time I see that little old man nagging, never intending to stop talking, I can't help laughing, and in this film , pretending to be an aristocrat, but couldn't help but perform magic in front of those who claim to be aristocrats. It is really ironic. Presumably magic is not a compulsory course in a noble's career, or even an elective course, but is excluded, but every time Woody Allen surprised those nobles. To become a noble, you need to give up so many beautiful things. It's terrible!

The world is absurd, everything is possible, and the ending of the film is just like Woody Allen’s belief that the rich are murderers, but in reality, people probably still stick to their own ideas and still stubbornly believe that those things cannot happen. thing. From another angle, doubt those things that are not doubtful, and there may be unexpected discoveries.

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