next big chess game

Haskell 2022-11-30 17:26:02

Recently, there have been a lot of movies about "The Next Big Game", Avengers IV, Godzilla 2, this is my mother. Thanos, Emma, ​​and the old mother are actually a type of people who think this world is not good enough, or is about to be destroyed, and must use their hands to destroy the old world and create a beautiful new world. This is the spirit of the proletarian revolutionaries who shattered all the old orders. No, it is more powerful than proletarian revolutionaries. It is to be God, to redesign human beings, and to design the world. It can be said that there is still a large market for such ideas, and the Nazis and the Red Terror will not be wiped out.

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I Am Mother quotes

  • Mother: This facility was designed to give humanity a second chance, one that began with you, daughter.

  • Mother: Contrary to your understandable assumptions, my primary directive is to care for humanity.