When lost, remember to return to yourself

Nyasia 2022-09-10 21:06:47

Lost is a familiar word, and of course, it is not a strange realm either. At this moment, for me who just got lost, this film is a bit of a self-portrait
of human beings in the 21st century. They are always working hard, and then renewing themselves
. There will always be winners and losers. When people are improving, they will naturally have periods of confusion. No one Always remain the winner, and no one is always smooth sailing. Even if there is, that kind of life is not necessarily wonderful.
As the "five flavors", sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty, the most delicious food is not in the "five flavors", but in A person's perception of taste is the same as perception of beauty. Different people have different
life experiences. Everyone's scale is different. In the process of feeling in life, gains and losses are not necessarily important. What is valuable is that when pursuing dreams, Experience the state of mind at a low point, digest it, and then sublimate it into motivation and belief.
Charlize Theron has always been my favorite Hollywood actress, with a slender figure and seductive eyes, interpreting the role seems to be acting out her own life. Fragment. The heroine in the film loses herself at the current stage when she writes the chapter, and wants to return to the page where she remembered her beautiful expression before, but unfortunately, things are different, the protagonist around her has already changed roles, and she who can't accept the reality, she has to go back and forth overnight. After a night of hangovers, I pulled out my beautiful hair one by one to balance my weightless mood
. When I saw that time, those emotions surged in my heart, and when I felt sorry for her in the film, they also began to I feel bad for myself. When everyone faces real blows and injustices, most people take the way of hurting themselves: alcoholism, overeating, violence, shopping, looking for overstimulating playthings... But for myself, what I choose is Stay up all night to watch a lot of movies, in order to learn from other people's lives and seek a kind of strength
, but the strength of the heart lies in the power of washing away the lost, people will start to examine themselves and accept themselves, the success of every dream is a step by step What we need to do at the moment is to love ourselves, learn to love ourselves, only then will we discover the beautiful side of ourselves, build ourselves well, and return to ourselves, which is the concentration of all our strength, and tell ourselves loudly, "Life, I am here." ”

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