sharp weapon

Scot 2022-12-05 17:46:17

The best show I've seen since Breaking Bad.

It's too heavy, a noisy environment without background music, a bright and dark town, subconscious memories, a kind person struggling constantly, Amy's performance is dripping and delicate.

That very smart little girl who cut her own hair with scissors, created a new script and refused to speak English for a week of excitement. Children in the ward can go to another world with headphones, and left a flower on AA's bed on the day of suicide. Amy lost her best friend, was not loved because she resisted, was raped but kept denying herself, cut her hair, kept repressing, and carved her sharp weapons one by one. Not being understood, not being taken seriously, being insulted, ignored, suppressed, is the fate of an adolescent child, a girl.

The people of the town are also bound by invisible forces. A 10-year-old boy is not trusted because of his mother's drug use, and carries a gun in self-defense. The beautiful boy who is suspected of killing his sister because "boys can't be too emotional", he knows that her sister is like AA, he is the only one who understands AA, he kisses the scar of A, like kissing his irreversible sister, and unintelligible self. The sheriff's machismo, until one day he didn't wake up, didn't wake up with music, breakfast and meticulous badges, he was in a hurry. The extreme thought of the murdered girl's father, "I'd rather she be killed than spoiled." It is the original sin of being a girl again. The aunt who was alone and contracted a disease was the best person for A, but she saw those evil deeds and couldn't stop it. "What can I do?" is the easiest thing to say from a self-abandoning person. When I was a child, I was harassed as a cheerleading team member. When I grew up, I got married early. Every day, except for gossip, I talked about children in town. Women think that women are born to have children...

Extremely hot summer, annoying cicadas, these very Stephen King ingredients have a unique depth and sense of helplessness.

(ps I love Amy Adams and the little girl in The Handmaid. AA worth ten oscars)

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