Do you choose to believe that life is somewhere else or peace of mind is home

Kayleigh 2022-10-14 06:38:33

The introduction of the plot is too misleading. In fact, the story does not involve many people at all, nor does it tell a complicated story. It's nothing more than a story about an ex-girlfriend's failed attempt to regain her ex-lover. It's similar to the plot of "My Best Friend's Wedding", but it doesn't give the heroine a happy ending.
Even so, who can say that the heroine has a bad life, just like the fat man's sister said, she is the only woman in their town who can live in a big city, is a writer, drives a mini, and wears a silk dress. (Although it may not be the only one, but it is also the person who lives in this small town more wonderfully). She herself said that she felt that the villagers in the town had so little and yet were so satisfied. In fact, I have never understood why the photos of Buddy's children will make her rekindle her old love all of a sudden. Maybe it's more because the disappointment in reality makes her want to go back to the past warmth to find some comfort. I don't know if Buddy has any interest in her, but I believe that when they get back together, no one will be happy. The two of them are essentially two types of people. One is always dissatisfied and always feels that the scenery on the other side is more beautiful; Satisfied with the status quo, the wife and children can heat the kang head. When two people with different values ​​live together, conflicts are inevitable.
The three scenes of painting her nails in the film are quite interesting. There is also a scene where Mavis returns to her home. Her room is left untouched, and dozens of bottles of nail polish are also placed - it is indeed a beauty more than Everything girl. Maybe it's because she used to be a school girl. Although she is 37 years old and her appearance is somewhat damaged, she still firmly believes that as long as she is seduced by sex, she can make Buddy fall in love with herself again (but I think the actress who plays Beth is actually more beautiful) , she wrote in her novel that the heroine was unfairly regarded as a no-brainer because of her beauty (in fact, she used the novel to defend herself), but in fact, compared with other high school classmates, she does seem to be still living in a dream world . Associating with reality, there are indeed many such girls in big cities now.

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Young Adult quotes

  • Buddy Slade: I'm gonna grab a drink. You want a beer?

    Mavis Gary: Oh, just a water.

    Beth Slade: Can you get me another Summer Ale? It's fine. I'll just pump and dump after the show. Don't worry, I'm not trying to get my kid hammered.

    Mavis Gary: Wow, look at that.

    Beth Slade: Ah, yes. The Funquarium. Always chills her out.

    [talks to the baby]

    Beth Slade: Starting to get smiles.

    Mavis Gary: Cute.

    Beth Slade: She's like, Buddy's clone.

    Mavis Gary: No, I see you in there.

    Beth Slade: Really?

    Mavis Gary: A lot of you, in fact.

    Beth Slade: Thanks. So how's it going? I know you're a writer. I saw a nice article about you in The Sun.

    Mavis Gary: Yes, I'm an author of a young adult series. It's disturbingly popular. I like your decor. It it, shabby chic?

    Buddy Slade: Pier One?

    Beth Slade: A little bit Goodwill.

    Mavis Gary: Buddy and I used to go thrifting all the time. Remember that? The 90's?

  • Mavis Gary: I used to sleep in his t-shirts and boxers. I think I still have a few.

    Beth Slade: Hey, I still have one of my ex-boyfriend's t-shirts. I can't bring myself to get rid of it.

    Buddy Slade: What? Which one?

    Beth Slade: [laughing] Like I'd tell you.