"We'll all end up like our mothers"

Amber 2022-10-29 22:08:37

I think the theme of "Sharp Objects" can be illustrated by a line in which Amy Adams played her mother in another movie "Nocturnal Animals"

"We'll all end up like our mothers"

nocturnal animals

Talking about the influence of the original family on oneself, the mother of the heroine, the heroine, and the third sister of the heroine are all turned from the abused to the abuser.

The mother of the sharp weapon heroine suffered from her own mother's abuse when she was young because her mother had Munchausen syndrome. After she became a mother, she became like her mother and also had Munchausen syndrome and began to abuse her three daughters.

The eldest daughter is also the heroine. Her mother said in the last episode that she is actually the most similar to herself. Her stepfather also said that the heroine's temper is very similar to her grandmother, but the reason why she doesn't have the same Meng Qiaosen synthesis as her mother The first is that she has no children, and the second is the death of her sister, but she is still influenced by her mother to some extent, and she is also turned from the abuser to the abuser, but it is only because of her sister's death that she becomes conscious again. She couldn't hurt others, so her abuser became herself and started a lot of self-mutilation. Her mother likes to take care of injured children. She is very resistant, or through her own memories, her mother prefers the second sister, so she is very alienated from her mother. In the last episode, she also asked herself in the report whether she would be like her mother when she was with the third sister?

This kind of mother-like performance is more obvious in the third sister. These three daughters all want to attract the attention of their mothers and hope to get their mother's love, but the performance is different, so the third sister just came back. She deliberately pretended to be sick and shouted to attract her mother. The reason she killed the three girls was also out of jealousy to attract the attention of the people around her. The first girl, Natasha, was because of her mother's concern for the girl and her desire to attract the girl's brother. But the girl's brother only likes his sister, and this kind of like is not normal in the eyes of outsiders, so the third sister killed Natalie and abused her before killing her, this time The younger sister is more like a mother. Like her mother, she turned from an abuser to an abuser, and she is more ruthless than her own mother.

Although the author of the original novel changed by this play wrote about the lost lover, but the original novel has a strong Mary Sue, everyone in town loves me, and the same is true in the play, after the heroine returns to the town, the heroine The classmates still love her, and the detective was so fascinated by her that she was fanatical. The victim’s brother was obviously so much younger than her. Seeing the scars on the heroine’s body actually made her fall asleep, but this drama is better than the original novel in that it is fragmented Cuts and multiple hints of the ghostly film:

After the heroine returned home, the third sister confronted her, implying that the third sister needed the attention of others, especially her own mother.

The police in the town said that it was a man who committed the crime because women couldn’t pull a tooth out. However, when the detective tried to pull a tooth from a pig’s head, it was not just one person who committed the crime.

The hostess followed the third sister to the pig farm, and the police found the dead girl's bicycle from the pig farm

One of the reasons why the heroine suspects her mother is that the mother is too close to the two girls, and the third sister pretended to be ill because she was afraid that her mother would no longer care about her when the heroine came. The third sister still refused to leave.

The police detective said that the murderer would go back to the scene to reminisce, so he observed the suspicious person at the scene. When the second body was first discovered, the third sister was playing nearby, and the scene at that time was to rob the first deceased girl. A doll is like a deceased girl who is too close to her mother and robs her of her love, so that it can symbolically take back something.

When Sanmei was acting, people talked about the murderer and she ran away in a hurry. One was that she didn't want her attention to be taken away by others, and the other was alluding to her guilty conscience.

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