Only the hurt of relatives is the "sharp weapon" that cannot be avoided.

Marianna 2022-09-19 06:45:35

In the days when I was bored and had a bad cold and it was hard to go out for a breath, it took a day to finish all the remaining seven episodes of the show. I didn't understand why it was called "Sharp Weapon" until I saw the seventh episode.

In the two weeks since the show was released, the official accounts have been pushing hard. Only the first episode of the show can't see the attractive tricks. Today, I watched all the remaining seven episodes in one go, ignoring the plots in the middle that were a bit boring but stuck to the main line, and focused on two things while arranging things and glanced at them from time to time, until the seventh episode began to be exciting . At the end of the last episode, I didn't see the reason for the second season, but when the heroine saw that thing in the last half-minute, she already knew, um, the second season, it's accurate!

From the beginning to the end, I don't know what the heroine's stepfather's character is used for. Later, I found out that it was actually set up to satisfy the director's musical taste that had nowhere to release, hahaha. And not only has the audio equipment of the heroine's house been featured several times, but every family environment involved in the play seems to have a set of fever-level audio equipment and endless soundtracks. The title song is pretty good too. I fell in love with E04de OP at first sight. After searching for a long time to no avail, I can only wait for the source.

The whole drama is subtly making you feel more and more sad for the character of the heroine. The feeling of being a walking corpse of being accompanied by pain all the year round and losing the longing for life, even knowing that the old mother is poisoning herself, will drink it down, it makes people feel sad. I am afraid that the only positive energy in the whole drama is the editor-in-chief Clyde and Erin and his wife. After going through all this sadness without a normal relative around, there is still the editor-in-chief who has been passing energy to Camille. It can be seen that the importance of the health and harmony of the original family has a great impact on the backup from generation to generation. Camille's cruel experience when she was young + the pain of her sister's death all the year round + self-mutilation + the suicide of a roommate in the same room in a mental hospital. By the way, in E03, I recalled the clip of "escape from this world at any time through music" with my roommate, which is really beautiful to me. The director here once again showed his taste in music very well. Now in this world of ten people and nine depressions, everyone is trying to find a "breakthrough" to release themselves. And Camille's release is only self-mutilation.

The answer to the last episode, when the heroine's mother told the Kansas kid about the family history, she said that some things should be passed on. Therefore, her mother's "Virgin" plot, the absolute desire to control and the morbidity of choosing to abandon the "doll" that she can't control is terrifying. Her mother was like this, she was like this, and Emma was like this.

Only the hurt of relatives is the "sharp weapon" that cannot be avoided.

No spoilers, looking forward to the next season.

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