Housework is not women's responsibility

Ruth 2022-04-19 09:01:55

Sophia's fate in the play shocked me deeply. She had a sense of resistance since she was a child, and she put it into action, but she still failed to resist the oppression of the environment! Looking at Sophia who came out of prison, there is no soul, only the body. As if silently telling what is the use of fighting, after all, he became a victim in the environment.

In the play, Celie and Shug only face the inequality of men and women of the same race, but Sophia faces the majesty of white people. She is locked in a cage and ingested her soul. The end of the play is peaceful, and what I want to express may be that everyone has self-worth, regardless of race, gender, or class.

In contrast, most contemporary Chinese women seem to have a high status at home and receive the same education as men, but after marriage, what is the big difference from Celie, except that there is no violence and freedom from men, a family The meals, the family's clothes, the cleaning and placement of the whole house, the eating and drinking after the birth of the child, the various educations for growing up, the regular replacement of bed sheets and quilts, and other small housework, are still women. in assuming. I don't understand that there is no housework guidance for girls in the classroom, and there is no law that women must undertake housework, but the burden of housework and the responsibility of caring and educating children still fall on the shoulders of women! Is it because of the difference in the structure of men and women by nature, or the figure of watching her mother do housework and take care of the family's daily life when she was a child, deeply assimilated the heart of the little girl, causing them to take the initiative to take on all this after marriage.

Maybe only women's resistance is useless, what is more needed is men's deep reflection and transformation. Because no one can quarrel every day about doing housework, and can't choose to divorce because of doing housework, these are not ways to solve the problem. The only way I can think of is to change the next generation. May contemporary women, whether they have a boy or a girl, educate him and her that the home belongs to everyone, not the mother herself, and that every member of the family has the obligation and responsibility to keep the house tidy and clean! You should also share the housework with your husband reasonably and wisely. May women pay more and more attention to themselves!

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