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This snow season in Beijing is particularly short because it is so warm. Before he finished speaking, there was a snowstorm that paralyzed traffic in many parts of North and Northeast China. This reminds me of the worry of the owner of the Alpine ski resort, and the sigh of Stone when he talks about New Orleans.

Not long ago, I did a topic on global warming. This time, after watching Gore's speech, I learned more about this issue. Despite accusations that Gore himself is a bombastic hypocrite with a staggering amount of electricity in his life, I still think he's amazing. Just one simple question: Can you maintain such enthusiasm and belief in a problem for decades? Let alone imagine that someone in the same high position in our country can do this.

"He has done an excellent job of describing such a problem with the seriousness of an actual scientist." Michael Mann, a well-known American meteorologist on global warming, told China Business News In the interview, he commented on the documentary, "He did not exaggerate the possible impact of climate change. He was the first American politician to ask such an important issue for the public to face."

The accuracy of this documentary is obtained Acknowledged by many meteorologists, the Associated Press did a survey of more than 100 meteorologists, and 19 experts who had seen the documentary responded that Gore had the scientific message right, and that the world is indeed getting worse. The hotter, the man-made disaster due to burning oil is in the process.

McEwen, who knows Gore very well, said that in the past 20 years, Gore has been constantly communicating, discussing and consulting with environmental scientists, trying to understand this issue in depth. When he sat down with the scientists to explore the question after the film, Gore knew more about the details than the documentary shows.

In the subtitles at the end of the film, let's see what is the national condition of the United States and what can be done with Chinese characteristics:
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Buy energy efficient appliances: such as energy efficient light bulbs
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, buy a hybrid car if you can, walk
or bike more,
take the light rail or subway
Renewable energy
Ask local energy companies
if they offer green energy
If they don’t ask why Elect leaders who work on the
climate crisis Write to
If not, run for Congress Bringing together international forces Stop global warming Reduce our dependence on imported oil Help farmers grow alcohol-fueled crops Improve energy economic standards Then turn knowledge into power for action

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    toooooo aggressive but not persuasive

  • Cristina 2022-03-27 09:01:08

    It is everyone's responsibility to protect the environment. Seeing the polar bear floating on the sea and not finding a piece of ice floes makes me want to cry. We have the ability to protect our earth, so why not try to be more environmentally friendly? !

An Inconvenient Truth quotes

  • Al Gore: Ultimately, this question comes down to this. Are we, as Americans, capable of doing great things even though they are difficult? Are we capable of rising above ourselves and above history? Well, the record indicates that we do have that capacity. We formed a nation, we fought a revolution, and brought something new to this earth, a free nation guaranteeing individual liberty. America made a moral decision that slavery was wrong, and that we could not be half free and half slave. We, as Americans, decided that of course women should have the right to vote. We defeated totalitarianism and won a war in the Pacific and the Atlantic simultaneously. We desegregated our schools. And we cured fearsome diseases like polio. We landed on the moon! The very example of what's possible when we are at our best. We worked together in a completely bipartisan way to bring down communism. We have even solved a global environmental crisis before, the hole in the stratospheric ozone layer. This was said to be an impossible problem to solve, because it's a global environmental challenge requiring cooperation from every nation in the world. But we took it on. And the United States took the lead in phasing out the chemicals that caused that problem. So now we have to use our political processes in our democracy, and then decide to act together to solve those problems. But we have to have a different perspective on this one. It's different from any problem we have ever faced before.

  • Al Gore: I've probably given this slideshow a thousand times. I would say at least a thousand times. Nashville to Knoxville to Aspen and Sundance. Los Angeles and San Francisco. Portland, Minneapolis. Boston, New Haven, London, Brussels, Stockholm, Helsinki, Vienna, Munich, Italy and Spain and China, South Korea, Japan. I guess the thing I've spent more time on than anything else in this slideshow is trying to identify all those things in people's minds that serve as obstacles to them understanding this. A-And whenever I feel like I've identified an obstacle, I try to take it apart, roll it away. Move it. Demolish it, blow it up. I set myself a goal. Communicate this real clearly. The only way I know to do it is city by city, person by person, family by family. And I have faith that pretty soon, enough minds are changed that we cross a... a threshold.