All I can say is, Amen

Johnny 2022-04-21 09:02:16

I heard the documentary channel talk about this movie before. After 3 days of bumps and bumps, I finally saw it. Recommend friends to come and see. . Take 2 hours out of the endless stress and competition of life, watch this movie, look around us, look at the planet, what's going on. . . Listen to Gore's account and you'll know that things really aren't going well.
It's so obvious how things change, and people can be so self-centered, so exploitative. I once asked Wang Wang: When the earth really can't bear us, will it kill us all? ? He replied: In the past, the earth was sick and a lot of dinosaurs grew. In the end, she put ointment on herself and killed all the dinosaurs. Now, the earth is also sick, and many people have grown. One day she can't stand it anymore, and she will kill everyone with ointment.

I don't actually worry about the extinction of human beings. I just feel sorry for every inch of the once beautiful land on this earth, and for the various creatures that are in jeopardy. I sincerely miss every breath of fresh air, every green land, every blue sky. . . Man, is really a sad and hateful thing. . . Always so arrogant, forgetting that he is actually just a negligible grain of millet in a vast universe (our junior high school geography teacher is like this, ha), forgetting what he lives by and who to ask for it, right? Reward and awe should be expressed. . . TMD~~~

I don't know how much this movie, or the calls of environmentalists, can play a role. Humans seem to be things that don't hit the south wall and don't look back. Moreover, in fact, environmental protection is really a social issue in a larger sense. As long as our society is still in a mess, what can you expect these displaced hearts to do for the earth?

All I can say is, Amen.

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  • Makenzie 2022-04-23 07:02:18

    The global warmer film is not only about environmental protection, it has a lot of political elements in it.

  • Hollis 2022-03-26 09:01:06

    Shocking facts...What can we do...the future is in our hands...

An Inconvenient Truth quotes

  • Al Gore: We have the ability to do this. Each one of us is a cause of global warming, but each of us can make choices to change that. With the things we buy, the electricity we use, the cars we drive, we can make choices to bring our individual carbon emissions to zero. The solutions are in our hands. We just have to have the determination to make them happen. Are we gonna be left behind as the rest of the world moves forward?

    [on the screen behind him, a list of countries appears]

    Al Gore: All of these nations have ratified Kyoto. There are only two advanced nations in the world that have not ratified Kyoto, and we are one of them. The other is Australia.

    [on the screen, a map of the United States is shown]

    Al Gore: Luckily, several states are taking the initiative. The nine northeastern states have banded together on reducing CO2. Uh, California and Oregon are taking the initiative. Pennsylvania is exercising leadership on solar power and wind power. And U.S. cities are stepping up to the plate.

    [on the screen, a list of cities appears, to applause]

    Al Gore: One after the other, we have seen all of these cities pledge to take on global warming.

  • Al Gore: Ultimately, this question comes down to this. Are we, as Americans, capable of doing great things even though they are difficult? Are we capable of rising above ourselves and above history? Well, the record indicates that we do have that capacity. We formed a nation, we fought a revolution, and brought something new to this earth, a free nation guaranteeing individual liberty. America made a moral decision that slavery was wrong, and that we could not be half free and half slave. We, as Americans, decided that of course women should have the right to vote. We defeated totalitarianism and won a war in the Pacific and the Atlantic simultaneously. We desegregated our schools. And we cured fearsome diseases like polio. We landed on the moon! The very example of what's possible when we are at our best. We worked together in a completely bipartisan way to bring down communism. We have even solved a global environmental crisis before, the hole in the stratospheric ozone layer. This was said to be an impossible problem to solve, because it's a global environmental challenge requiring cooperation from every nation in the world. But we took it on. And the United States took the lead in phasing out the chemicals that caused that problem. So now we have to use our political processes in our democracy, and then decide to act together to solve those problems. But we have to have a different perspective on this one. It's different from any problem we have ever faced before.