That's why I say the world is coming to end

Ruthie 2022-04-21 09:02:16

Let me talk about a little thing that happened today. A Ling said that Zhanjiang has not had a better day since the end of last year. Indeed, in my impression, Zhanjiang has been wet and cold recently. Occasionally, when a cold air arrives, a strong cold wind blows and dries the clothes that cannot be dried for a few days. A Ling finally added a sentence, it seems that the world is coming to perish. After returning to school from Foshan at the end of March, the weather has been like this, plus the news of the severe drought in the southwest, earthquakes, and coal mine incidents, although not all of them are related to the climate, but there is always a thought that the world will perish, and we will not live long. , the difference is a matter of time.
After watching this documentary in a damp house, I felt very sad. After a few years in college, there was not much left of the geography I learned in high school. Looking at the charts and charts and relying on the remaining geographic knowledge to look at the ever-warming earth, I feel very lost. Maybe without this knowledge of geography, without the understanding of all aspects of the earth that geography students have, I may not have the discomfort in my heart now. Pull one hair and move the whole body.
Through the speech of Gore, the former president who lost the election and now the environmental protection expert, although Gore has described and directed some similar political suspects, the effect of Gore's speech documentary is indeed shocking. Warm and cold currents, drowned polar bears, glacial snails, Arctic, Antarctic, Greenland, coastlines, ice ages.
I know the relationship between the formation of the Great Lakes and the arrival of the Ice Age, which was only 10 years away. In ten years, maybe you and I have just started a family and just had our own family. Although Gore said that now the Great Lakes have been formed, the ice age will not come like this again, but how do we all know that the new ice age will come in another way?
We all know about global warming, and we all know that it will raise sea levels and flood coastal cities. West Antarctica melts, and the global sea level rises by 20 feet (1 foot foot = 0.3048 meters, which is 6.096 meters); Greenland glaciers melt, and a huge mixture of ice and water penetrates the ice, causing the phenomenon of glacier snails (understandable? It is termites This scourge caused similar tragedies), and global sea levels rose by 20 feet. WOW~it' s so terrible , right? Don't think this is something far away from us, many frequent disaster events have warned us.
The era of procrastination of half-measures, of soothing and baffing expedients, of delays, is coming to its close. in
its place we are entering a period of consequances.
Near the end. Instead, we will start living with its consequences.
Provoking the wrath of the earth has serious consequences. If you don't change, the world will end soon.

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  • Kristy 2021-12-15 08:01:03

    If you follow the half-point selection system, I am willing to give this film 4.5 points. Compared with the fruitless Copenhagen talks, this film is more positive. Although it cannot have a direct impact on the environment, it can give people living on this planet a sense of crisis and responsibility. The half star is given less because the film itself has obvious political struggles. Although I always think that Xiaobu is very second, it would be better if the film can be pure.

  • German 2022-03-26 09:01:06

    But now the United States is using this reason to make China and other developing countries excessively focus on investments in similar low-carbon actions. Is this a dangerous investment? And I have always wondered, why does it have such a big effect when carbon dioxide only accounts for about 0.04% of the atmosphere? Why not sunspots, an effect of the sun itself? The microorganisms on the earth and those fallen leaves emit carbon dioxide far more than humans every year.

An Inconvenient Truth quotes

  • Al Gore: Ultimately, this question comes down to this. Are we, as Americans, capable of doing great things even though they are difficult? Are we capable of rising above ourselves and above history? Well, the record indicates that we do have that capacity. We formed a nation, we fought a revolution, and brought something new to this earth, a free nation guaranteeing individual liberty. America made a moral decision that slavery was wrong, and that we could not be half free and half slave. We, as Americans, decided that of course women should have the right to vote. We defeated totalitarianism and won a war in the Pacific and the Atlantic simultaneously. We desegregated our schools. And we cured fearsome diseases like polio. We landed on the moon! The very example of what's possible when we are at our best. We worked together in a completely bipartisan way to bring down communism. We have even solved a global environmental crisis before, the hole in the stratospheric ozone layer. This was said to be an impossible problem to solve, because it's a global environmental challenge requiring cooperation from every nation in the world. But we took it on. And the United States took the lead in phasing out the chemicals that caused that problem. So now we have to use our political processes in our democracy, and then decide to act together to solve those problems. But we have to have a different perspective on this one. It's different from any problem we have ever faced before.

  • Al Gore: I've probably given this slideshow a thousand times. I would say at least a thousand times. Nashville to Knoxville to Aspen and Sundance. Los Angeles and San Francisco. Portland, Minneapolis. Boston, New Haven, London, Brussels, Stockholm, Helsinki, Vienna, Munich, Italy and Spain and China, South Korea, Japan. I guess the thing I've spent more time on than anything else in this slideshow is trying to identify all those things in people's minds that serve as obstacles to them understanding this. A-And whenever I feel like I've identified an obstacle, I try to take it apart, roll it away. Move it. Demolish it, blow it up. I set myself a goal. Communicate this real clearly. The only way I know to do it is city by city, person by person, family by family. And I have faith that pretty soon, enough minds are changed that we cross a... a threshold.