The power of belief

Jessie 2022-04-22 07:01:32

The fierce naval battle is presented in a relatively realistic shooting posture, which is amazing.

After getting on the boat, the soldiers on the surveillance radar downstairs kept relaying information to the upstairs. The upstairs spoke so fast that not even a single sneeze was allowed. The captain's breakfast was brought back and forth several times, but in the end he didn't enjoy the chef's craftsmanship. The war scenes in it are very real, not so earth-shattering, but I completely feel the tension of the soldiers. This is probably also the real power.

But if it is a movie, the naval battle from beginning to end makes the audience feel a little tired. The surprise and excitement at the beginning were slowly exhausted and numb.

In the end, I am still moved. After all, I believe in the justice of this world. The captain's devout faith is admirable. In the heart of a believer, that unshakable belief is probably worth everything, worth the submarine cannon, and can support the final victory.

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  • Ernestina 2022-03-27 09:01:09

    North Atlantic Sheepdog.

  • Dayana 2021-12-21 08:01:08

    After "Captain Philip", Hanks "going to sea" again, he is still unreasonably stable. He is probably the only actor who is suitable for all Captain roles.

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  • Gray Wolf: [on radio] Greyhound, good luck surviving the night.