How much life is worth in your eyes

Meredith 2022-04-23 07:02:27

In fact, the rhythm of watching the movie has never stopped, but some people feel good after watching it, but they don't feel emotional, and some are really boring, so I keep fast-forwarding and watching it. I said to my mother the other day, "You still complain that I go to the movies all day long. You took me to the cinema a lot when I was young." My mother said before that when Xinhua Cinema was still very good, I probably When she was less than 3 years old when she had no memory, she often took me there. Later, when I was studying piano, they both took me on leave to go to the movies in order to watch True Lies. So it's still genetic. I’ve also been lazy recently, and I also like to watch movies according to the ratings. I basically don’t watch movies with a score of less than 6, because there are many movies with a score of 6 that are really beautiful, and those with a score of 5 or less are really really rubbish. Some are really funny, but it doesn't make sense to watch it and just watch it and play. Watching a movie also needs time and mood. I have been in a good mood these two days, so I came across a good movie. Enough talk, let's get down to business. At first, I watched it with the psychology of watching action war movies. I didn't expect to find out that it belongs to the emotional movie of war, and then the political movie is mixed, and the types of characters are also very detailed. The main line of the story is a little girl in Kenya. First of all, she is the most innocent and pitiful character, but during the development of the plot, I wanted to kill her myself, because I have always been a cold-hearted person. I think small lives can be sacrificed in front of big lives. Although it seems ridiculous to keep calculating the cost of death, who will calculate slowly with you in the ongoing war, every second is the disappearance of a group of lives. Similarly, in the imitation game, Turing gave up his brother's life for the sake of the overall situation. In the war, life is not his own but the current situation. The story is very simple. The British Special Agent found terrorists in Kenya, and jointly prepared with American drones to arrest them during the monitoring process, but it turned out to be ranked 5. The six terrorist leaders who planned the suicide attack were planning a new round of bomb attacks and decided to kill them with on-the-spot missiles. Then began to report layer by layer, everyone did not want to bear the infamy for the war, and then various upward reports made people feel that the war seemed to be non-stop nonsense. Then finally, when we can attack, our invisible protagonist appears, and the little girl is selling flatbread next to the wall of the house preparing for the air raid. Then the special situation monitored nearby almost died in order to save her. I was thrilled to watch this part. Why is this movie interesting, because it's been setting the stage, and then it's been going on in climaxes and various meetings that slowly move the story forward. What made me laugh the most was that the woman in the conference room said that she would rather risk the life of this little girl for the death of 80 people. I wrote that fuck. At the end of the story, the general talked to this woman, and the woman said, you are nothing more than For what is your position, the general replied to her, I have been to the scene of 6 (or 8) suicide attacks, and the scene of this kind of death is no farther than you are drinking coffee and eating biscuits. It's nice to watch the video. Never talk to soldiers about the cruelty of the battlefield. I agree with this sentence, never take it for granted as a person, and have no right to speak without experience. The old beauty's set of human rights is just a piece of shit. Human rights will say goodbye when shelling other countries. Personally, I feel that the Third World War has already begun, and it has even started for a long time. And now we are living a very safe and happy life, very lucky.

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  • Shaun 2021-12-19 08:01:08

    It's really exciting. In just 102 minutes, the audience has been immersed in different perspectives to examine a daily event that may actually happen in those areas every day. Controversies of different interests, complex political struggles were successfully completed by Helen Mirren led by a group of actors. The atmosphere in the first half is rendered first-rate, and in the end, it really breathes with tension. Fanfen is also handsome and beautiful in uniform, RIP Rickman.

  • Tracy 2022-03-22 09:01:58

    The rhythm is tight, and it was originally a moral discussion with no absolute answer, but the slow motion at the end that highlights the death of the little girl and the fun makes the author's position completely moral and hypocritical.

Eye in the Sky quotes

  • Lt. General Frank Benson: Never tell a soldier that he does not know the cost of war.

  • James Willett: Revolutions are fueled by postings on YouTube.