The piano died for her at the bottom of the sea

Amelie 2022-09-10 18:04:27

Tucao first, the middle part of the film until the climax is too cruel, too cruel, too cruel! ! Maybe there is resonance or something, anyway, this paragraph is too cruel for me! !

————Text cut————

What a death
What a chance
What a surprise
My will has chosen life
Still, it has had me spooked, and many other besides.

The piano died in place of the non-talking Ada, Silence on the bottom of the sea.
Talking Ada survived. Because between barbarism and civilization, human feelings are still in common.
Perhaps even, the feelings of those savage clansmen are more real.
For example, when people perform a drama in the film, the civilized people just treat it as a show, just for entertainment; while those indigenous people take it seriously and put their feelings into it.

For me, music is truly the most indescribable art form.
It is the most subtle, but at the same time the most intense.
Just like a woman who is cold and tough on the outside, her inner emotions are strong enough to destroy herself.
Silently, she lived like a goddess who didn't eat fireworks.
With the world, she disdains to communicate with words;
with her lover, she does not need to communicate with words.
So she didn't speak.

But in the end, a goddess sank to the bottom of the sea with her piano, and then an ordinary woman broke free and came to the surface.
At the moment of facing death, a certain will drives oneself to choose to live.
This is a difficult choice, often made at the last minute.
Just like when the choice is difficult and you have to flip a coin, the moment the coin is flying in the air, you suddenly understand what you really want. So it doesn't matter whether the coin is heads or tails, it doesn't matter whether you win or break the rope, it doesn't matter whether you survive or not, what matters is the moment you have to reach the peak.

A husband and a child, teaching people to play the piano, learning to speak, and
the life of ordinary people are often spurned by paranoid people,
but this is the truest ending of each story.
Just like the guitar that was as important as life when I was young, it is also covered with dust in the corner after many years.

Just like many years later, I lost my ability to paint, I lost my ability to play, and I lost my ability to write, but I gained the courage to live in this world.
Maybe occasionally I will doodle a piece, sing a cappella, write a film review, or just a few words when I am alone in the middle of the night.
Just like Ada can go to the bottom of the sea to see the silent piano when she falls asleep. As she said, that's the best lullaby. There is a silence where

hath been no sound. There is a silence
where no sound may be.
In the cold grave under the deep deep sea. After Ada's finger said: I meant to love you, I clipped your wing. That's all. So the angel's wings were cut off before it sank to the bottom of the sea. Aren't angels without wings just mortals?

Wings are what makes angels different, and Ada's fingers that can play the piano are her wings that are out of tune with this world.
That's why at the moment when you are on the verge of suffocation in the water, you destroy the pair of wings that you want to fly in your heart.

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