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Berne is an intruder and is one with ada is a symbol of her loyalty to herself Awakened to be honest with herself Husband is also one with ada is what the outside world demands of ada It is also good for women/morality like superego but includes husband This character's selfish desires as a character can be regarded as a composite protagonist's three-in-one interaction explanation. The story is placed in the colonial cultural elements of the indigenous area, the addition of the female status, the marginalization of female consciousness, and the mutual opposition between ada and the "indigenous emperor" Berne is the union of the weak in the so-called civilized world from the perspective of equality and strength in the original power. It symbolizes marginalized consciousness and as a human being, it should not be weakened in the civilized world. They justify their own name/tell stories of cheating. Women cheated on the "indigenous emperor". The metaphor is the awakening of female consciousness and the movement towards nature and original power. Returning to the Ancients Humans were once a matriarchal clan. In the end, the husband chopped off her fingers to play the piano in order to punish the cheating ada. This is the price for women to fight against reality and the deformed civilized world. But in the end, the husband still puts ada and Berne together. This is the civilized world that is breaking up. The painful awakening before control, should we sympathize with this cheated person? We can judge women's runaway morally, but if we sympathize with our husbands, we have not escaped the shackles of deformed civilization, so in the end, morality should yield, which is the price of respecting nature.

The alignment of details everywhere is great. Aphasic women try to vocalize and can't express themselves in natural voices: playing the piano, moaning during sex. Her piano was her voice and she had to get it back no matter the cost. In the end, she was willing to take out a key and take out a part of her own voice for Bern, who awakened her love for herself, awakened her respect for herself, and expressed her respect for herself. It's a reward for yourself.

The road from the coast to the hut is full of mud. This is the hardship of entering the civilized world. From the cabin to the coast, moving back to the piano and running through the mud is the price of finding your own voice and expression. The author's attitude here suggests finding your own voice and expressing it for yourself, no matter the cost. This is a work with its own attitude and steadfast strength.

First impressions of Bern: illiterate, tattoos on his face. This is his state at the beginning. Like Ada, it is ignorant but has hidden primordial power.

The two scenes of being raped in the woods and dying after being chopped off are all about the rape and invasion of primitive women by a deformed civilization. into the gap. Perhaps since the establishment of the deformed civilization, he has never encountered such betrayal and formal provocation, in the form of being cheated, so the husband was furious and chopped off Ada's fingers. But knowing that he is powerless in control, release is an inevitable choice. It hints at how our civilization has changed to respect these marginalized things.

The subtlety of the counterpoint is that at the same time as Ada and Berne's emotional development and Ada's awakening, it is the resistance of the natives (colonized races) to their husbands. In contrast to the first two, the so-called natives when carrying luggage at the beginning. The fact that the clan deliberately stayed in the cemetery for two days in order to collect extra remuneration has already been hinted, suggesting that it is a prelude to awakening, fighting for their own rights, and resistance is the general trend.

The description of the ada music among the servants is also "the sound of the piano is creepy" and then the pigeons (force of nature) shit on their heads. The awakening of women makes the inherently deformed culture timid as a member of women their unawakened consciousness bird shit innuendo.

The final act of tossing the piano. It's easy to find her own voice and naturally don't need Qin, but Qin carries the memory of her struggle and resistance in the process of awakening, and is forever sealed in the sea as a silent but immortal voice.

This movie is fucking awesome

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