Give up

Misty 2022-11-24 16:07:48

What a death. What a chance. What a surprise. My will has chosen life. The piano is not Ada's whole life. Due to George, she chose a new life. She chose to confront all the difficulties in her life. She has love then she has the whole world. The past of herself was buried in the deep deep ocean.

Ada, who is so proud, elegant,sensitive, and stubborn, worn black, heavy frock, while her face is so pale just as the snow. Unlike her figure ,this little woman has incredible courage and strength just the fire burned everything into the ground. Fortunately, she met with George, who is a uncivil man, but he knows her. Her solitude, her loneliness, her sadness, her enthusiasm. Then they love each other. Then they go away.

It's a good story, may be if we have sth unless we give up sth. That may be your dream, life, love.

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The Piano quotes

  • Stewart: I trusted you.

  • George Baines: What happened? Tell me. Tell me! Where is she? Shh. Quiet down! Quiet down. Where is she?

    Flora: He chopped it off.

    George Baines: What did she tell him? What did she tell him? I'm going to crush his skull.

    Flora: Nooo! No, no! He'll chop her up!