False Blind and True Blind

Amber 2022-04-19 09:02:11

Taking time out, I spent 19 yuan to watch an Indian movie "The Tuner" without having dinner. It feels worth the ticket price. In my opinion, it is better than "The Mirage". It is also a thriller, but the reversal of "The Tuner" is even more amazing!

In the past two years, Indian movies have also watched some "Wrestling Dad", "Mr. Hiccup" and "Mysterious Superstar". Different from the traditional impression of singing and dancing in the past, Indian movies are also seeking new changes. In "The Tuner", you can still see the clips of the Indian movie singing and dancing, but compared with the previous plot where you sing and sing and everyone in the city starts to dance, "Tune" is much more natural and smooth. , both the melody and the lyrics serve the film and hint and drive the plot. Without further ado, here are a few things that stood out to me:

It is really difficult to identify human nature, especially at certain moments of life and death, and it is reversed again and again, making you feel that whether it is a cheating girl who kills her husband, a policeman, or a doctor who resells human organs on the black market, a caravan The driver, and even the protagonist pianist himself, didn't have a good thing. With only 100% interest and no 100% trust, people always seem to be unable to guess and see clearly. So this is the source of every turn! The blind pianist pretends to be looking for inspiration, but in fact he uses sympathy to gain benefits. He just didn't expect to be self-defeating in a murder case. He wanted to protect himself, but he pushed himself into the abyss of evil. Until the end, I was still living in my own self-directed deception, trying to start over, but this may not be the beginning of a new nightmare!

At the beginning of the film, the farmer chases and kills the hare, which makes people feel inexplicable, but it is later discovered that this is the foreshadowing of the climax. The pianist is not as good as he looks, maybe he slowly turned bad in the story, and he was reshaped into a cold-blooded executioner by intrigue again and again. The final story is not because of his pity to redeem himself, but It is really embarrassing with the doctor to dissect the cheating woman, thereby obtaining the cornea and money. Just thinking about it makes me shudder! What is life depends on the liver. This sentence, as well as the bunny cane and the last shot of the male protagonist swinging at the cans all testify to the falsification of the plot he described! In short, I feel that no one is a good person. Human nature may really not be able to be distinguished with the naked eye. The story is always switching back and forth between blindness and non-blindness, blindness and regaining sight. Perhaps it is the meaning of human nature that the author wants to explore!

There are a few plots that are really scary. In addition to watching this kind of exciting film alone, although I have done a good job in psychological construction, I was still scared and called twice. Once the male protagonist made coffee, the scene Immediately switch, the murderer is wearing a fucking mask from "Scream", which shocked me immediately, the action is too big, it makes the side buddy laugh and turn back and forth, I don't even know him Are you laughing at the plot or laughing at me! The second time, it was already dark, and there was a fucking close-up shot, and suddenly the police stood behind you and tried to strangle you with a rope. I didn't pay attention to my mouth, I screamed, and the dude laughed again! But I found that on top of that, we had a shared moment of laughter and he covered his eyes with his hands too, so I'm not ashamed.

I don't know what's wrong. It may be because of the pressure recently, which made me a fake literary youth, I especially want to watch a thriller to soothe my nervous emotions, but I still won't consider a horror movie in the near future. After all, I can live through it. Horror movies that are reviewed can't be scary! To be honest, I just watched "The Shining" the other day. Fortunately, I may have grown up. I used to be scared to hide in the toilet when I watched "Fengshen Bang". I was rated as the most unwilling to watch ghosts together during college. Movies, the scarier thing than watching ghost movies is that I watch ghost movies with me, maybe my mind has really improved! Hahahahaha!

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  • Hilda 2022-03-24 09:02:10

    In the 18th minute, it started to be high-energy and booked five stars. After that, it started to be boring, preparing for four stars, and at the end of the last second, five stars did not run! What a fairy tale this is! Police throwing knives? And wearing masks? What kind of psychological quality is needed to hold it there!

  • Rosendo 2022-03-25 09:01:10

    A typical Jin Yong-style strong arc melodrama in which the Son of Heaven's Chosen broke his future and made a comeback. Judging from the standard of Internet celebrity films, it is stronger than "Invisible Guest". When many unreasonable coincidences are arranged to make people roll their eyes, they gently pry the anti-type fulcrum to increase their favorability by a thousand points. It is recommended that all directors who are committed to shooting Schrödinger's Cat themes pull the Coen Brothers a thousand times.

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  • Pramod Sinha: Can you play my songs as well?

    Akash: Sure. I'll just play them.

    Pramod Sinha: No, not here. Come to my house tomorrow for a private concert. I'll be there along with my wife. She loves the actor Rajesh Khanna. Play his numbers. She'll be happy. Here. Here's my address. And an advance. You'll get more later. One o'clock.

  • Sofie: [watching news about Akash and Simi] They've eloped.