Ada - a classic image comparable to Jane Eyre

Frieda 2022-09-12 06:11:03

Delicate female perspective, a long-lasting feminist film.
The ending is like a stroke of magic: Ada stubbornly throws the piano she once regarded as life into the sea, but deliberately lets herself fall with it. Underwater, she was as quiet as ever, but at the last moment she broke free from the rope and surfaced - she knew she didn't need a piano anymore, she had a new life.
If the movie has 100 points, 90 points are given to the heroine, which is definitely the level of the actress. There is not a single line, but Ada's innocence and desire, surface weakness and inner stubbornness are so accurately interpreted.
The characters themselves are also full of writing, and the meaning of the heroine Ada's existence can definitely be compared to the classic images of Jane Eyre, Scarlett, and Anna Karenina. In a world dominated by men, she doesn't mind her marriage or even her fate being at the mercy of others, but she always maintains a free soul. No matter where she is, whose wife or mother, or what kind of life she lives, she always knows exactly where her heart belongs.
This is a women's film that only women can understand, this is a women's film that only women can make.
Also, the theme song is just too good!

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  • George Baines: I want to lie together without clothes on.

  • George Baines: I have given the piano back to you. I've had enough. The arrangement is making you a whore, and me, wretched. I want you to care for me. But you can't. It's yours, leave. Go on, go.