Polar Killer movie review

Nakia 2022-09-08 20:01:36

"Polar Line Killer" is not a very popular movie. This kind of action movie from the beginning to the end is still a niche, but this movie can be scored 7 points in a genre movie.

Half of the reasons for my good evaluation are the brainless entertainment of this cool film, and the other half is the visual effects presented by the director instead of the screenwriter. The multi-mixing is as weird as the mixing palette, but full of artistic sense. For example, the villain's swaggering colors and oversaturated tones match the cool tones of the protagonist's line, as well as those ecstasy-like memories. Although they are very dramatic at first glance, they repeatedly evoke people's emotions and are able to persevere. The first half of the ramble laying out the narrative. And the second half is very straightforward with various clicks.

This style has a lot to do with the director himself. As the most famous MV director, this movie is not easy to come by, and there may be no need to take the gimmick route. It’s better to go directly to the cool movie route, and Netflix gave this rare chance. Some people like to compare this play with Keanu Reeves' "Quick Kill". It is true that the story direction and action style are very similar, but to be honest, this play has more details and reversals. It didn't make the protagonist truly invincible, and he was beaten a few times in the middle. And in the end, the end of the whole film actually gave a more logical answer to the plot, and the foreshadowing of a lot of details before and after is more neat.

In addition, Netflix's cool movies are naturally violent, so watch carefully.

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Polar quotes

  • Vivian: Speak.

  • Duncan Vizla: Right, last one.

    School Kid #4: Do they speak American in England?

    Duncan Vizla: [Duncan gets a flashback to London, choking someone to death while his victim can only make a grunt] They don't speak a lot