Childlike innocence is not the reason for being warm to light

Toby 2022-04-22 07:01:32

A particularly boring movie. I originally watched it in Spielberg's name, but only after watching it did I realize that it was really just in his name.

The bear child Sophie didn't sleep in the middle of the night. She heard the noise of the drunks on the street and ran to meddle in her own business. When she heard the movement on the street, she ran to the balcony to see it. She knew right and wrong, but she just couldn't control herself, so she was taken away by the 7.3-meter-tall dwarf giant "Good-hearted" - according to Sophie's words, kidnapping.

Sophie learned in the giant country that, except for the good-hearted eye who kidnapped her, other giants are cannibals, and the good-hearted eye has a secret as a dream catcher in addition to being a vegetarian.

Probably because the film is mainly made for children, so the whole film is in the so-called "warm" and "warm" style in the propaganda. The problem is that the warmth has become dull???

Spielberg's ET always has a magnificent and captivating imagination, the thrilling and wild nature of Jurassic Park, and the film of the dream-fulfilling giant, except for the name of a giant who deceives children in Western fairy tales, what else is there? ? Simply invisible.

In addition, for a movie that is already huge and boring, it may be a little fun to watch the original English subtitles and Chinese subtitles. What is the mandarin dubbed version? Sophie's good-natured stupidity was magnified ten thousand times. The good-hearted eye is still matched by Huang Lei - to be honest, Huang Lei is still a more reliable character in the reality show, and it is stupid to cry with this giant. So it's no wonder that some domestic voice actors shout that the salary is not enough all day long. Professional actor Huang Lei can dub the voice like this. It is estimated that some non-professional voice actors Liu Geng are finished. The glorious era of Qiao Zhentong Zirong Ding Jianhua's translation and production is completely gone.

When I first started watching it, I was still thinking that it would be interesting to fight those giant cannibals in the back, but I guess it was to take care of the children's taste. In the end, Sophie and Kind Eye made the queen have a dream and ate it. After a meal and a glass of soda, the queen threw out a few helicopters to catch the giants and put them on a 360-degree island full of seawater to eat vegetarian food - and that's it. That's it!

Damn, Harry Potter is still fighting Voldemort! Percy Jackson also killed a Medusa! The Dragon Master also fights a pirate to catch a dragon! The dignified Spielberg's work is to grab a giant with a helicopter and that's it!

I'm really convinced, if I'm not accustomed to the soil and water, I'll serve Director Si.

Convince him to think that today's children are too simple, convince him to choose such a story, convince Disney to ask Spielberg to direct such a movie.

What I admire most is myself, and I can read both the original and the Mandarin version in full. Why should I torture myself!

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