The Great Enemy Now: The Elite Troop Against Piracy

Alia 2022-11-03 19:24:43

When the first episode was filmed, the crew suffered a lot because of piracy. Before the first episode of "Elite Troops" was released, millions of people had obtained the film's disc. This incident cost the film's producers a lot of money.

Therefore, during the filming of the second episode, the crew took strict anti-piracy measures. Wagner Mara said: "We hired a professional security team to keep the film confidential according to professional procedures. A special security team followed the editing of the film, the transportation of the film and the distribution of copies. And all the original materials will be released. In the security company." Director Jose Padilla said: "We did not outsource

any step of the filming to other production companies, including the post-production of the film is done by our own company. Things related to the film were closely guarded from the beginning, and the script was sent to the National Film Security Agency for preservation, under the title "Organized Crime." Moreover, the script was printed in red ink to prevent photocopying. In order to prevent the film from being pirated during the editing process, we specially rented an apartment as the editing room, and implemented continuous surveillance without dead ends. If you want to enter the editing room, you need the assistance of four people, each of whom has a password. Computers cannot access the Internet. In order to avoid problems during the transportation of the copies, we put some high-tech gadgets on the copies at home. If the copies are illegally copied, this thing can send a signal and record the location at that time for tracing. The police in São Paulo helped us a lot in these matters. In order to prevent piracy at all, all our copies before the final release were silent, so that even if the images were unfortunately leaked, only the The pirates of video materials have nothing to do.”

Comment: Piracy has spawned a gold mine of security insurance, just as the drug dealer crisis has prompted the Brazilian Self-Defense Force to develop a way to make money!

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