girl fool

Lavonne 2022-04-21 09:02:26

The movie is still touching, but this little girl really caused a lot of chaos for the male protagonist. Although it is to promote the development of the plot, she is so innocent and foolish when she makes mistakes, and she acts like a soulless fool afterwards. The speechless expression that stared at him as if he understood something really made me want to beat this idiot. The little girl is naive, can you change her way of expression to at least make the girl seem to be helpful to the male protagonist.

And the happiness when the girl finally found her family, the latter male protagonist was beaten as a contrast. What is more reflected is your own foolish mistakes, why should you let others be responsible at the cost of your life? What is even more irritating is that the innocent person who made mistakes carelessly behaves like a beautiful and moving angel throughout the whole process?? ??

At the beginning, I was a little moved when I scolded this girl for being an idiot in my heart. After seeing the male protagonist, the slightest bit of emotion I had personally was replaced by anger.

By the way, in the end, everyone helped the male protagonist to smash the door and let him go back to India. Why didn't he say: No sir, I want your approval and don't do sneaky things!

The character of the girl is really too thin, and the male protagonist is also like a fool (although he is originally).

But the film serves its purpose, exaggerated plot for cheap sympathy.

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Extended Reading
  • Elyssa 2021-12-20 08:01:10

    Too beautiful! The song is also nice! I cried several times, it's so touching

  • Eddie 2021-12-20 08:01:10

    1. The setting of the opening of the story is still biased towards tragedy. It wasn't until Little Lori met Uncle Monkey God that the comedy mode was turned on,... I saw my "tragedy and joy"; 2. Goodbye to Pia of "Three Stupid", just now Rasika has become more "fuller"; 3. The landscape photography is too beautiful, and the picture of Shahida running on the hillside instantly thinks of "Girls in the Alps"; 4. The final part of the narrative praise (plus ★), directly related to the theme of seeking relatives Sublimated to ethnic contradictions!