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Missouri 2022-04-23 07:02:57

Knightley's temperament has always been very fond of! Georgiana is a character that everyone loves. She is neither contradictory nor rebellious. Whatever she does, she wants to satisfy others and make others like her. It is harmless to think about it. When the Duke finally stood on the window sill to express his yearning and praise for freedom, he felt that the Duke should have liked or envied G from an emotional point of view. He locked a free bird in his cage, To restrain her with the rope of "wife duty" and make her one of his own is deformed and pathetic. Beth's goal is very clear. The child is the most important. She should have lost her expectations for human nature. She was scolded as bastard and not loved by others. She did not see her anger, sorrow and joy in the film, which is exactly the same as Georgiana. on the contrary. G has experienced too much pain, but the movie pays more attention to the expression of the character's psychology, allowing people to guess their inner thoughts. After going through those great pains in life, they can still have love for the people around them, which makes people feel incredible but incomparable Admired, this is also the unparalleled result of her kindness and independent personality. What kind of story would it have been if Georgiana had been with Gray in the first place.

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  • Fernando 2022-01-02 08:02:10

    KeiraKnightly is ugly, scary, ugly and scum... Under the gorgeous suit, it looks more like a combination of a thin monkey and a turtle. Especially when the bird’s nest is on fire, it’s funny

  • Annette 2022-01-02 08:02:10

    "The Duchess" This film is based on the story of Georgiana, the Duchess of Devonshire, a topical figure in the 18th century, and is adapted from a biography written by Amanda Foreman. Tsk tsk, but I think the story is too similar to Princess Diana’s body. It’s not easy to be able to do this. The third person, no matter what the reason or the hardship, can be the wife of a friend. died

The Duchess quotes

  • Speechmaker: When she arrives, all eyes are upon her. When absent, she is the subject of universal conversation. And what we see her wearing tonight, I look forward to seeing the rest of you wearing tomorrow!

  • Georgiana, The Duchess of Devonshire: Of all the women in England, you had to throw yourself on her. I have never objected to any of your affairs. I have accepted whatever arrangement you have proposed. But this... I have one single thing of my own. Why couldn't you let me keep Elizabeth for myself? What kind of man are you? She is my sole comfort in our marriage. You have robbed me of my only friend. What is wrong with me?