Documentary about war, expressed in animation. . .

Godfrey 2022-04-19 09:02:22

This is a documentary expressed in animation. Because it is an animation, there seems to be a feeling of keeping a distance from reality. Because it is a documentary, there are many chewing aftertastes.
Especially about memory, about how memory is forgotten, about how memory is remembered in the exchanges of common experiencers, the taste of this is intriguing-in the film, the soldier rushes out of the trench, dances the waltz, and hides. The figure shooting around with machine guns was frozen in an instant.
Is this still war? This is! The numbness of the tragic death in the war and the memories of the killings are slowly intertwined, until all the scenes of the massacre are recalled. In the dialogue, they are slowly recalled, and they are slowly restored to history. in memory. Those things that we deliberately hid in our dreams and erased from our memory slowly wake up because of this. The beginning of the story lies in a dream of struggling to walk from the seaside, holding a machine gun to the shore, a fragment of The fragments are preserved...
When I watched the remnants of the shredded memory and reconstructed the real picture bit by bit, I couldn't help but feel a shock.
In the past, for this kind of realistic animation, the deepest impression should be the characters in MGS. That is also the story of war, but that is just a game, the pictures in the game, the infiltration in the game, let me have a sense of distance from the sidelines, let me hide behind the scenes, watch the infiltration with guns and daggers again and again , without real experience of war.
Although, this is just a documentary expressed in animation, but when I saw the soldier holding a submachine gun and shooting the bullets of the machine gun like a waltz, when I watched the flares light up in the air, I suddenly There was a sense of bewilderment. The sense of distance expressed with animation disappeared all of a sudden, it was still real.
Repression in war, dancing like a waltz in war, witnessing the outbreak of the Holocaust without humanity, it is hard for anyone to remain indifferent. However, in fact, at that scene, we were always indifferent, and seemed to be an observer of the massacre, preventing its spread in layers of encirclement. And in the end, all we see are the children, the women, raising their hands, facing the bullets and machine guns, facing the gunfire, losing their innocent lives. . .
I repeatedly rejected the process of memory being slowly reorganized, and I repeatedly thought about that waltz. . . This movie made me feel the cruelty of life and the indifference of war, and it also made me ask... Did all this really happen?

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  • Felicia 2022-04-24 07:01:15

    Only then did I clearly understand what the Holocaust was.

  • Katlyn 2021-12-24 08:02:10

    The fact that I didn't prepare beforehand was about war. It’s just that it’s too ugly after watching How to Train Your Dragon Knight 2. My colleagues said it’s better to watch this. The contrast must be very strong. Looking for lost memories of war. Music and war are really the best partners, and the expression of animation is actually just an illusion. The real shots in the last few minutes are what it really wants to say.

Waltz with Bashir quotes

  • Boaz Rein-Buskila: Do you ever have flashbacks from Lebanon?

    Ari Folman: No. No, not really.

  • Anonymous soldier: What to do? What to do? Why don't you tell us what to do?

    Ari Folman: Shoot!

    Anonymous soldier: On who?

    Ari Folman: How should I know on who? Just shoot!

    Anonymous soldier: Isn't it better to pray?

    Ari Folman: Pray and shoot!