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The bank chief Kim Jung-hwan had an affair with Kim Seung-hyun's wife, so Kim Jung-hwan wanted to hire a murderer to kill Kim Seung-hyun. Kim Seung-hyun's brother Kim Tae-won's lover was slept by Kim Seung-hyun out of anger. Kim Tae Won also wanted to kill Kim Seung Hyun. The bank chief was drunk and told the truth, hired Mian Zhenghe, and Mian went to Jin Jiunan. Then Jin Jiunan set off for South Korea, on the one hand to kill Jin Seung-hyun, on the other hand to find his wife. Jin Chengxian was later killed by two men hired by Jin Taiyuan. The police reported that the perpetrators were three people. Jin Taiyuan thought that Jin Jiunan was also hired by him, so Jin Taiyuan wanted to quickly find Jin Jiunan and remove the troubles. After Jin Taiyuan's investigation, it was found that Jin Jiunan was of Korean ethnicity and was related to Mian of Yanji, so Jin Taiyuan sent Cui to go to Mian Zhenghe, but he was killed by Mian Zhenghe. Mian Zhenghe came to South Korea to make a deal with Jin Taiyuan, and found Jin Jiunan to give 30 million. Behind it is Giant Niu b's port container chase. Jin Taiyuan felt that Mian Zhenghe and Jin Jiunan had teamed up to defraud him of money, so he sent his men to kill Mian Zhenghe, but they were all killed one by one. Jin Jiunan came to Jin Seung-hyun’s house and threatened Kim Seung-hyun’s wife with a knife to tell the truth.

Jin Jiunan begins to investigate.

At this time, Jin Taiyuan found out an intermediary and learned that it was Jin Zhenghuan who hired Mian Zhenghe.

At this time, Mian Zhenghe found Jin Taiyuan's nest, and after talking with Jin Taiyuan, he was going to get the money. On the way to get the money, the two perished together.

Jin Jiunan was kidnapped by two people and tried to kill him. After Jin Jiunan succeeded in counter-killing, he learned that Jin Zhenghuan also wanted to kill himself. (Kim Jong-hwan felt that Kim Jiun-nam was hired by himself, so he cut the grass and rooted it out.)

In the end, Jin Jiunan went to the bank and found Kim Jung-hwan and Kim Seung-hyun's wife, and the truth came out.

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  • Tanner 2022-04-04 09:01:08

    The tone of the film is cold, and like a cold fate, there is no mercy for Jiu Nan who has no choice but to embark on this road. Running away is like a nightmare. He's also the most sloppily prepared killer I've ever seen, and his weapons are improvised, which of course doesn't prevent the film's vibrancy in the slightest. The rhythm is very fast, the plot is quite complex, and the characters are inextricably linked, but they are not immersed in the storytelling alone. All kinds of killings have a refreshing energy of chopping melons and vegetables.

  • Renee 2022-03-28 09:01:14

    Luo Hongzhen really put a lot of effort into research, many plots are completely consistent with the reality I learned, and it is a very exciting piece.

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  • Gu-nam: Who's the boss here?