Okay, although the routine is old, there are only so many routines in the thriller.

Samson 2022-07-13 17:25:10


That is, the form of a single-episode story is relatively short, the chance of reversal is small and the time is short, and it is difficult to become bigger and stronger. Many conjectures and emotions in the middle of the movie have not been fully drawn, so we have to move on to the content. Under the restrictions of this form, the characters are inevitably thinner, and it is not suitable to design the original complex and contradictory characters, and the poor performance is like a brain hole.

Episode 5 ⭐ Find the resources as soon as you know the update news. The fifth episode is the first to open, oh, this familiar taste is clearly a remake of the seventh season. The woman became a mother, life is full of crises, and she is paranoid all day long. I just want to see this episode and put it on the barrage. There must be a husband and all the neighbors and friends who are harassing her behind this. In the end, they must fight back. The only thing I didn't expect was that I could borrow a seed from the devil, and I understand the routine, but the speed of the car can't keep up.

Episode 6 4⭐ I think the single episode tells the story more clearly in Episode 6, about losing a child, finding a child, the conflict between husband and wife after losing a child, the tragic ending, and a little bit more about the environment under capitalist intervention. Reflect. However, the emotional trend of this episode always has a feeling of horror Fifty States, not a state brought in by American horror thrillers, but a memoir or a bystander's story, with more sigh, rather than empathy.

Titles are full ⭐ Oh yes, the key point is very good, there are many wonderful titles, each episode is different, one season tops the past ten seasons, watching six in one go, it's not hard.

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