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Season 1: The Haunted House
The background of the story is set in 2011. Psychiatrist Ben Harmon ( Dylan McDermott ) cheats on his marriage and is caught on the spot by his wife Vivian ( Connie Britton ). To make up for their shattered marriage, the couple decide to start a new life with their daughter, Violet ( Taissa Farmiga ), moving their family from Boston to Los Angeles. On the recommendation of a real estate agent, they bought a mansion at a low price. What followed were the various troubles the Harmon family encountered: the mysterious maid Moira ( Frances Conroy / Alexandra Breckenridge ) often seduced Ben with her young and sexy appearance, making Ben tempted on the edge of repeating the same mistakes; Neighbor Constance ( Jessica Lange ) and her Down syndrome daughter Adelaide ( Jamie Brewer ) often come uninvited; burnt and disfigured ex-owner Larry Harvey ( Denis Patrick Seamus O'Hare ) ) warns Harmon about the haunted house; Ben's cheating schoolgirl Hayden ( Kate Maraornaments) came to the door and threatened Ben to divorce and stay with her. But at this inopportune time, Vivian was pleasantly surprised to find that she was pregnant.
Adolescence, Violet became rebellious because of all the complicated things going on at home. Violet accidentally meets one of his father's patients , Tate Langton ( Evan Peters ), a boy his own age. The two fell in love because of their similar experiences, and gradually developed feelings for each other.
Since the Harmons moved into the house, bizarre, disparate situations and violent incidents have followed, with increasing frequency. They gradually discovered that as many as 20 deaths had occurred in the house over the decades. This also makes the house a very well-known local "Haunted House" tourist attraction. What they didn't realize was that the deceased in this mansion, the ghosts after their death, existed in the house forever like a curse. After a series of bizarre and violent incidents, Vivienne decides to sell the house. However, Ben did not believe in the existence of supernatural powers and insisted on staying. The Harmon family is constantly entangled in family, emotional problems and lies, completely unaware of the house's secrets, and the ghosts who are trapped in the "Haunted House" and cannot leave tell their stories. 
Season 2: Asylum
The story is set in the 1960s at the Thorns Bluff Asylum, Massachusetts. Kit Walker ( Evan Peters ) is imprisoned in a lunatic asylum after being accused of being a pervert murderer, the "Bloodface Killer." The news greatly aroused the interest of journalist Lana Winters ( Sarah Paulson ). Ambitious, she dreams of publishing the "Bloodface Killer" story and becoming famous, so she ignores the warnings of Sister Jude ( Jessica Lange ) and infiltrates the lunatic asylum, but is imprisoned Insane asylum.
The extreme method Sister Jude punishes the wrong nun with a cane whip, and performs inhuman "electric shock therapy" on the patient; the pure Sister Mary ( Lily Rabe ) is loyal and responsible, but she is possessed by the devil, her temperament has changed greatly; the madhouse doctor Arthur Alton ( James Cromwell ), who secretly conducts perverted human experiments in the laboratory; psychiatrist Oliver Slatson ( Zachary John Quinto ), who is sane but has ghosts; the group of people Not as it seems on the surface, the madhouse under the shelter of the Virgin Mary is full of evil. 
Season 3: The Gathering of the Witches
The story is set in modern day 2013. Teenage Zoe Benson ( Taissa Farmiga ) learns that she has the blood of a witch when she accidentally kills her boyfriend while intimate. She is taken to a mysterious witch school, where she meets Cordelia Fox ( Sarah Paulson ), its principal and mentor, and three young witches with different abilities, Madison ( Emma Roberts ), Queenie ( Gabourey Sidibe ) and Nan ( Jamie Brewer ).
The headmaster's mother , Fiona Goode ( Jessica Lange ), was recognized as the supreme witch of the previous generation. Anxious with her aging and the loss of magic, she begins her quest for the secret of immortality. After learning of the new members of the witch school, Fiona believes her status as the Supreme Witch is in jeopardy. Fiona's morbid possessiveness about her supreme witch status sends her back to witch school to carry out her own ulterior conspiracy. Meanwhile, she manages to find Lady LaLaurie ( Kathy Bates ), who was buried alive for nearly two hundred years by the immortal voodoo queen Mary LaVine ( Angela Bassett ), desperate for the secret to immortality. A series of events ignited a war that had been silent for many years between the two factions of witches. At the same time, another mysterious organization that snipes witches is also in tension. In the 21st century, the witch saga continues. 
Season 4: The Freak Show
The story is set in the 1950s. Former German cabaret star Elsa Mars ( Jessica Lange ) organizes a troupe of freaks for a freak show in Jupiter, Florida. As the freak show's popularity wanes, Elsa finds two-headed conjoined twins Bette and Dott ( Sarah Paulson ) in order to win back the audience. Freak show members mainly include "lobster hand" Jimmy Darling ( Evan Peters ornaments), Jimmy's bearded mother Ethel ( Kathy Bates ornaments), three breasts "third milk" Desiree ( Angela Bassett ) decoration) etc.
Deformed people who are already at the bottom of the society are facing external pressures, but they also continue to encounter all kinds of troubles: conjoined sisters, as murder suspects, were asked to be taken away by the police for investigation ; ( Peter "Finn" Wittrock ) pursues conjoined sisters in a frenzied pursuit of murder; professional liars Stanley ( Denis Patrick Seamus O'Hare ) and Maggie ( Emma Roberts ) deceive the Freaks' trust and infiltrate inside , the purpose is to seize the organs of the deformed person to sell for money; the seemingly harmless Elsa is actually scheming, and in order to hide her conspiracy, she is willing to sell or even murder the deformed person. In this weird deformity show, people not only have physical deformities, but also inner deformities. 
Season 5: Hotel
The story is set in modern day 2015. Hotel Kotez is a mysterious hotel built in the last century. There are often horrific rumours of customers staying at the hotel and never checking out.
The hotel was built by James March ( Evan Peters ), the notorious perverted serial killer of the last century. After committing suicide in fear of crime, he wandered in the hotel as a ghost and continued his murderous career. Now the owner of the hotel is Elizabeth , known as the "Countess" ( Lady Gaga ). A mysterious and charismatic countess with an insatiable appetite for blood and sex.
There are many "long-term guests" in the hotel, including Sally McKenna ( Sarah Paulson ), a drug addict known as "Syringe Sally"; Donovan ( Matt Bomer ), the Countess' handsome lover; Wan's mother, hotel receptionist Iris ( Kathy Bates ) and bartender Liz Taylor ( Denis Patrick Seamus O'Hare ). These "long-term residents" are nothing more than "vampires", ghosts, and humans willing to serve the countess. People who stay in the hotel will be sucked dry or brutally murdered if they dissatisfied the "long-term residents" here.
Los Angeles Police Department detective John Lowe ( Wesley Cook Bentley ) arrives at the Cortez Hotel to investigate a "Ten Commandments" serial murder case. Here, he accidentally saw the figure of his son Holden, who had been missing for many years and sentenced to death. Living in guilt for too long, he decides to settle in a hotel and explore the secrets here, but finds that the truth is even more terrifying. 
Season 6: Roanoke
This season is based on the American folklore "Roanoke Incident" and is presented in the form of a documentary.
In 2015, Shelby Miller ( Lily Rabe ), her husband Matt Miller ( André Holland ), and Matt's sister Lee Harris ( Adina Porter ) were featured in the hit documentary My Lo Yanok Nightmare is narrated and filmed as an experiencer. In front of the camera, they recounted the horrific experiences of the farmhouse they lived in North Carolina a year ago, including ghosts wandering in the house, pig-headed people with kitchen knives, cannibal neighbors, British colonists who performed "human sacrifices" and more. A reenactment of the documentary scene, featuring British actors Audrey Tindall ( Sarah Paulson ), Dominic ( Cuba Gooding Jr ), Monet Tumusime ( Angela Bassett ), Agnes ( Kathy Bates ) ), Audrey's husband Rory ( Evan Peters ), etc.
The documentary was a huge success. The following year, producer Sidney ( Cheyenne Jackson ) followed suit with a sequel, Back to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell. This time in the form of a reality show. He invited the star of the documentary and the protagonist of the story to return to the original farmhouse for a three-day "hell-like" experience. However, during the filming process, bizarre events continued to occur. In just three days, the crew members died one after another, and no one was spared. Only those who have experienced it know that "Roanoke" is not just a legend. 
Season 7: The Cult
This season's story takes place from 2016 to 2017, and is set against the backdrop of the then-US election. In a small Michigan town, Allie Mayfair-Richards ( Sarah Paulson ) runs a restaurant. Since Trump took office, Allie's long-suppressed phobias have gradually emerged. She begins to be frightened by the clown at home, but both the police and her wife, Ivy ( Alison Pill ), think something is wrong with her. Even though Ellie has been on medication with the help of psychiatrist Rudy Vincent ( Cheyenne Jackson ), her occasional panic breakdowns have affected her relationship with her wife and children. Newly hired nanny Winter Anderson ( Billie Catherine Lourd ) inculcates violence in Ellie's son, while eccentric new neighbors Harrison (Billy Eichner) and Meadow ( Leslie Grossman ) keep helping Ellie. Rei creates trouble, and Eli becomes someone's target.
On the other side of town, extreme right-wing Kay Anderson ( Evan Peters ) is a Trump supporter. His goal is to rule the world, and his first step is to become a city council member. He organized a cult, created murders in town, created his own image while wearing a mask to cause panic, and won votes for himself. The darkness behind politics is the source of people's fear. 
Season 8: Apocalypse
The story of this season is set in modern times, and is based on the story of the third season of "Witch's Gathering" as the background.
After a nuclear explosion utterly devastated the world, an underground haven known as a "third outpost" was built to protect survivors with a powerful genetic mix. Venable ( Sarah Paulson ) and Ms. Mead ( Kathy Bates ) are the owners of the third outpost, which has a strict set of rules for its management. Residents of the outpost, Galant ( Evan Peters ), rich girl Coco ( Leslie Grossman ), Coco's assistant Mallory ( Billie Catherine Lourd ), host Dinah Stevens ( Adina Porter ) Wait, survive the brutal rule of Venable and Lady Mead. Soon after, the arrival of the Antichrist Michael Langton ( Cody Fern ) disrupts the peace at the outpost: he wants to select worthy people to lead to a better life in a "sanctuary". But Michael was by no means a good man, and he poisoned the outpost's residents at the party. Immediately afterwards, the former witches appeared-with the determination to eradicate Michael, they came to the outpost and declared war on Michael.
Two years before "The Apocalypse", the High Witch Cordelia ( Sarah Paulson ) finds her magic power eroding. At this time, she noticed that the appearance of the new wizard Michael Langton at the wizarding school was probably the reason for her weakening day by day. Soon Cordelia discovered his plot to destroy the world. To stop him from succeeding, Cordelia finds her sisters, Myrtle ( Frances Conroy ), Zoe ( Taissa Farmiga ), Madison ( Emma Roberts ), Queenie (Gabriel Sidi ). Rabe ), Misty ( Lily Rabe ), and newcomer Mallory. For the safety of the witches, Cordelia erased the memories of Coco and Mallory and hid their witch identities to break into the outpost. A war between the witch and the devil's son is imminent. 
Season 9: 1984
Season 9 of American Horror Story takes place in a place called Camp Redwood, where a group of kids go on a summer vacation and are startled by the occasional masked killer. In the new poster, Emma Roberts looks frightened (but has a great mouth). 
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