A Turtle's Tale: Sammy's Adventures evaluation action

2022-07-13 21:18
"Sammy's Adventures" is different from other 3D animation blockbusters. It is a film that conveys simple and timeless emotions to the audience, and is both romantic and thought-provoking. It has a unique charm and rich connotation in the golden stalls of the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day.  
"Sammy's Adventures" shows the magnificent ocean and all kinds of strange marine life in front of the audience through Sammy's 50-year journey around the world, which can be called a 3D version of "" .  
The film follows a sea turtle's life journey since 1959, reflecting the endless plundering of the natural ecology by human selfishness and greed, the resulting global warming effect, and the alarming warnings brought by the rapidly changing environment.  
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A Turtle's Tale: Sammy's Adventures quotes

  • Sammy: Maybe this is Snow's present to me?

    Fluffy the Cat: Doubtful.

  • Fluffy the Cat: You don't want to end up like my last ami... zee chicken.

    Sammy: The chicken?

    Fluffy the Cat: Apsulimo, who's pen do you think this is?

    Sammy: She eats animals?

    Fluffy the Cat: Don't let the hippy-dippy attitude fool you. She will stuff you like a goose. Then its "heeekkkkkkkk!", throat slicing gesture , patee for everyone. Shhhh, here she comes now.

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