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2022-07-13 21:31
"Sammy's Adventures" is a The Kingdom of Belgium animation, produced by nWave Pictures, which has produced many award-winning cartoons such as " Fly Me to the Moon " and directed by Ben Statham. The dubbing of the film is all in French, and the film The original soundtrack, without exception, uses English songs. The original film was dubbed by " Orphan " girl star Isabelle Fuhrman , and after the introduction of the mainland, the film side dubbed the Chinese version, and specially invited the CCTV children's host team to join, including the familiar Chunyan Liu , Hong Guoguo, Green Bubble, Duo Laimi , Sesame, He Jiong , etc., strive to make it another animated film classic. 
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A Turtle's Tale: Sammy's Adventures quotes

  • Sammy: Maybe this is Snow's present to me?

    Fluffy the Cat: Doubtful.

  • Fluffy the Cat: You don't want to end up like my last ami... zee chicken.

    Sammy: The chicken?

    Fluffy the Cat: Apsulimo, who's pen do you think this is?

    Sammy: She eats animals?

    Fluffy the Cat: Don't let the hippy-dippy attitude fool you. She will stuff you like a goose. Then its "heeekkkkkkkk!", throat slicing gesture , patee for everyone. Shhhh, here she comes now.

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