A Turtle's Tale: Sammy's Adventures movie plot

2022-07-13 18:03
Sammy, a sea turtle born on a beach in California, like other turtle cubs, needs to go deep into the ocean and embark on a journey of growth. During this period, he meets Sally, a beautiful sea turtle who has just hatched, and falls in love at first sight. Unexpectedly, in an emergency, two little turtles were separated for no reason. On the one hand, Sammy has to uphold the mission of the turtle baby, travel across the ocean, and return to the place of birth. At the same time, he must find his beloved Sally. Sammy is not afraid of hardships. Accompanied by his old friend Ray, he overcomes many difficulties and experiences an exciting adventure. During this period, Sammy discovered that humans kept destroying the natural environment of the earth. When Sammy was disappointed, she was rescued by human beings in a crisis. As time passes by, Sammy must fight off piranhas and maddened African sea eagles in search of the legendary underwater secret passage. Finally, Sammy found Sally, and Sally did not forget Sammy. 
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A Turtle's Tale: Sammy's Adventures quotes

  • Sammy: Maybe this is Snow's present to me?

    Fluffy the Cat: Doubtful.

  • Fluffy the Cat: You don't want to end up like my last ami... zee chicken.

    Sammy: The chicken?

    Fluffy the Cat: Apsulimo, who's pen do you think this is?

    Sammy: She eats animals?

    Fluffy the Cat: Don't let the hippy-dippy attitude fool you. She will stuff you like a goose. Then its "heeekkkkkkkk!", throat slicing gesture , patee for everyone. Shhhh, here she comes now.

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