As Far as My Feet Will Carry Me evaluation action

2022-07-08 17:13
"As Far As My Feet Will Carry Me" is a prisoner of war movie that shines with humanity. The film shows the tenacity of human nature, the tolerance of human nature and the warmth, beauty and love of human nature. The entire film uses a considerable geographical space and time span to describe the protagonist's escape process, which also more reflects the care and support given to the fugitives by people of various regions and races. From another aspect, it also reflects the desire of people all over the world for peace. common voice. There are not too complicated plots in the whole story, and the focus is on the grand proposition contained in the extremely harsh environment: love between people. The handling of the film is delicate and rigorous, and every scene and every line is performed appropriately, reflecting the German tradition of strictness. The film shows the audience the cruelty of war, the tolerance of human nature, and the power of love from another angle. "As Far As My Feet Will Carry Me" is a reflective film, but it does not reflect politically, but from the perspective of human nature through the protagonist's adventure to illustrate the problem of getting along between people. The fact that the army abused German prisoners of war, but the director did not make it an anti-Russian film, but looked at this history in a neutral way. This is not to vent, accuse or expose, but to show how the small life dominated by belief can overcome The unimaginable suffering shows the suffering from slavery to freedom, showing that the world is full of contradictions, but it is more about the love between people. Compared with the pursuit of freedom, this film focuses on love. This is a film about love   .
"As Far As My Feet Will Carry Me" shows the mistreatment of German prisoners of war by Soviet soldiers. Although there is a real basis, it inevitably reveals traces of artificially vilifying Soviet soldiers. I don't want to comment on this, just look at the theme of the film: the desire to live normally, the desire to go home, this is understandable   .
Although "As Far As My Feet Will Carry Me" narrates the process of Nazi soldiers who became prisoners of war escaping oppression and regaining their freedom, the main purpose of the expression is the praise of human nature, the persistent faith of the hero, and the love between relatives. The friendly care and yearning for freedom of people of all ethnic groups have created the film's charm   .
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