The Three Faces of Eve movie plot

2022-07-05 12:39
The protagonist of the film is a young woman named Eve White, who often does things inexplicably without knowing it afterwards. What's more, she almost strangled her own daughter to death, so she was sent by her husband for treatment.
Through understanding, the doctor found that Eve in a normal state is a typical family woman. She acts submissive and cautious, obeys her husband's orders, always strives to play the role of a good wife and mother, and feels deeply for her "illness". pain and shame. And whenever at night or at certain times, she would call herself Eve Black (this was her maiden's name), and she went in and out of bars, karaoke bars and other places, dressed avant-garde and full of eroticism, and her behavior and conversation became frivolous. Slutty, contempt and disdain for what he thought and behaved as Eve White before.
Through treatment, her condition was initially controlled, but at this moment, her husband somehow asked her to stop treatment and move to another city with him. Eve rejected her husband's request on the grounds that she had not recovered and was afraid of hurting the child again. The husband was instantly annoyed and slammed away, but it happened to inspire another personality of Eve. She put on a fashionable dress and followed her husband to a hotel. At first, the husband expressed disgust at him, saying that she was not his wife, but soon he lost his appearance as a gentleman, and was fascinated by the coquettish coquettishness of his wife's other personality, and gave her material satisfaction at her request. However, he soon found out that the purpose of this self-proclaimed Eve Black personality was just to tease him. He finally got into a fight with his wife and chose to divorce her.
Eve, who was alone, thought about suicide, but finally found a doctor and chose to continue treatment. At this time, the doctor found that no matter what kind of personality situation it was, Eve said that he had no memory of what happened before the age of 6. Doctors are keenly aware that this may be the key to a cure and give it hypnotherapy. But inadvertently gave birth to Eve's third personality - this time, she called herself Jane, not only fully sane, but also very aware of the other two personalities, including their thoughts and actions. Jane told the doctor that they are like three souls who have been together all the time, living together on a body, when the personality that is controlling the body becomes weak, the strongest of the other two will control the body. do what you want to do. The doctor gradually discovered that Jane's personality is actually a normal woman who truly conforms to social moral standards. She knows the general rules and etiquette, and is neither submissive nor frivolous. Finally, through the treatment of Jane, the doctor finally found the crux in her heart - it was when she was 6 years old, at her grandmother's funeral, because her mother thought that kissing the dead body would make them forget about each other, although little Eve. Frightened and reluctant, the mother still hugged her and forced a kiss with the dead, thus leaving a shadow on her mind. (As for whether this is far-fetched, it is not very clear, anyway, this is the explanation made in the film)
In the end, Jane recovered, she successfully regained custody of her daughter from her ex-husband, and found someone who truly loved their mother and daughter and started a new life   .
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The Three Faces of Eve quotes

  • The Soldier: When I spend 8 bucks on a dame, I don't just go home with the morning paper, y'know what I mean?

  • Eve Black: She know all about what I do?

    Dr. Luther: mm-hmm


    Eve Black: She tell you?

    Dr. Luther: When I ask her.

    Eve Black: Like about that sergeant?

    Dr. Luther: Yes, she told me about that.

    Eve Black: There! You see, that's what I mean having somebody runnin' all the time tellin' on you.

    Dr. Luther: You tell me about Mrs. White, don't you?

    Eve Black: Yeah, but she don't do anything.

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