Le Notti Bianche movie plot

2022-07-05 20:00
This is a very simple love story, one side is a promise to meet again after a year, and the other side is a love at first sight for three nights. Between right and wrong, the one who hesitates and struggles is the heroine Natalia. It's the hero Mario who is surprised by the one year of ignorance. On the last night, when Natalia had just put down her defenses and was about to accept Mario's request, she found the man she had been waiting for for a year standing on the bridge over there. 
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Le Notti Bianche quotes

  • Natalia: I've loved him for a whole year. I've never been untrue. Not even in my thoughts. But it all means nothing to him. May God be with him. I want to forget him.

  • Mario: I wish I could make you fall asleep, like the character in the fairy tale, who'll only wake up on the day she is to find happiness. I'll be like that for you too. One day you'll wake up and find that it's a lovely day. The sun will be shining and everything will be fresh and clean. What once seemed impossible will seem simple and natural. Don't you believe me? I'm sure of it. And it'll be soon. Perhaps even tomorrow.

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