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2022-10-23 17:43
Much of the film deals with 12th-century politics, detailing not only the ongoing contempt between the Saxons and Normans, but also the prejudice against the Jews. In fact, so much of the interaction is centered on religious intolerance, negotiation, deal, ransom stalemate that when the main battle scene finally arrives, a flood of arrows, plumes of black smoke, makeshift bridges over the moat, Battering rams, countless corpses poured down from the tower. This climactic attack is so complex and multifaceted that it almost occupies the final scene of the film. Returning to the slow pace of a bogus witchcraft trial at the true end, the film is more of romance and drama than adventure   .
Under the background of the magnificent historical pictures, the battlefield of blood and fire, and the legendary love of knights and beauties have been vividly interpreted. The film is both a costume knight film and a romance film. The cast is strong, director Richard Toby has a smooth narrative style, especially the scene where two knights each with spears and horses charge against each other, has become one of the audience's unforgettable impressions of this type of film   .
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Ivanhoe quotes

  • [last lines]

    King Richard the Lionhearted: Before me kneels a nation divided - rise as one man, and that one, for England!

  • Sir Cedric: Delayed? How so?

    Wamba: Well, when I heard Normans were approaching I ran to lock up my wife. But, she'd also heard they were approaching, and locked me up instead.

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