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2022-10-23 22:07
As the Third Crusade ends in Jerusalem in the 12th century AD, the Saxon knight Ivanhoetravels through the countryside, from castle to castle, in search of his king, Richard the Lionheart. The disappearance of the King of England was a cruel blow to his people, who were still troubled by the strife between the Saxons and the Normans. When Evangel arrived in Austria, he found Richard imprisoned in a prison atop the castle, and King Leopold demanded a ransom. But the evil Prince John, Richard's younger brother, has been keeping the situation under wraps in order to stay in power.
When two Norman knights, Sir Hugh de Braceyand Sir Brian deBoys Gilbert, spend the night at Cedric 'scastle , Cypher Derek is Ivanhoe's father, and they quarreled over resistance and eventually broke off their relationship. Although Cedric refuses to believe the news that Richard is still alive, Ivanhoe sets out to rescue his king.
Ivanhoe's first mission is to get Isaac the Jewsafely back to his home, where they negotiate financial aid from Isaac's people and promise Richard to provide John Fair treatment denied. Ivanhoe's next stop is an arms race in Ashby, where he must emerge victorious in order to gain more support for his mission   .
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Ivanhoe quotes

  • Isaac of York: I heard the jester call you "lvanhoe." But lvanhoe is Cedric's son, and Cedric called him dead. Who are you, then?

    Ivanhoe: I am King Richard's envoy. Does that make us friends or foes?

    Isaac of York: It does not make you my foe, sire, but then, I am allowed no king.

    Ivanhoe: Why not?

    Isaac of York: Because I am allowed no country. I am deeply in your debt, sire. Tell me how I can repay you.

    Ivanhoe: I seek 150,000 marks of silver - the price of Richard's ransom from Leopold of Austria.

    Isaac of York: Glance around you, sire. What you see is all we've saved from every home we tried to make. A toy or two from every land that cast us out. I am not a rich man, Sir lvanhoe.

    Ivanhoe: No, but you are the patriarch of your tribe. Tell your people Richard must be ransomed. They will find the wealth.

    Isaac of York: I see you love Richard, sire, but he was no friend to my people. Our synagogues were looted to send him on his crusades.

    Ivanhoe: Do you prefer the persecution of his brother, John?

    Isaac of York: There is little to choose between Black John and Richard, yea and nay, if you are a Jew.

    Ivanhoe: Then I pledge you this, Isaac. You're a race without a home or a country. Deliver Richard, and he will deliver your people from persecution.

    Isaac of York: My friend, you ask for more than we can give. - And you offer more than Richard can give.

    Ivanhoe: Do you doubt my word? Write down whatever terms you want. I shall sign them in King Richard's name.

    Isaac of York: We shall need no pledge on paper, you and I. Let Richard promise this instead. Let him promise justice to each man whether he be Saxon or Norman or Jew... for justice belongs to all men or it belongs to none.

    Ivanhoe: But that is a Christian teaching.

    Isaac of York: Strange as it may be, sire, we are taught it too.

  • [Locksley and his men are lying in ambush]

    Clerk of Copmanhurst: Now, Locksley, now! While they're still in range.

    Locksley: Peace, you hothead. Would you slay Sir. Ivanhoe?

    Clerk of Copmanhurst: Sir Ivanhoe died in the Holy Land.

    Locksley: The troubadour is Sir Ivanhoe. He takes those Normans to his father's keep.

    Clerk of Copmanhurst: Ivanhoe defied his father when he went to the war and Cedric cast him out. He will never go there... unless he's turned traitor to the Saxons and his father with him.

    Locksley: Put down your bows. I'll know why he rides with Normans and why he takes those Normans to his father before I'll believe ill of Sir Ivanhoe or Cedric. And so shall you, you rattle pit.

    Clerk of Copmanhurst: Hmm?

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